Ирина Шейк поразила фанатов своей формой
The model continued her vacation in Israel.

Ирина Шейк поразила фанатов своей формой

Irina Shayk (left) with a friend

Photo: @irinashayk (Instagram Irina Shayk)

Irina Shayk, who decided to rest from work and care for their little
daughter Leah De Sien, continued their vacation in Israel. Leaving behind her fiance and father of daughter — Bradley Cooper — she went there with three friends: Tatiana Peterkova, Mimi
Luson and Melanie Mitelman Corman.

enjoy yourself and have had enough of swimming in the Dead sea. And pictures depicting
the rest of the company that Irina has published in his microblog, I was delighted
her fans. Shayk was photographed in a tiny red bikini,
allowing all the details to consider her figure. And although it’s only been 5
months from the moment Irina gave birth, she managed to fully restore his
figure. Moreover, as decided by some of the fans of the model, it has become more

Irina Shayk

Photo: @irinashayk (Instagram Irina Shayk)

Recall that before Israel Irina
managed to visit Russia. For a start, she flew to Moscow, where
met with their friends. The girls took a long walk through the streets
city, warm up in
bath, regaled on pies at your favorite coffee shop… And then Shake visited
Sibay is located in Bashkortostan. She came here to visit his
grandmother Nina, who throws all sorts of “animals” (including chickens), and
photographed with her in the coop. Incidentally,the grandmother of the star — large
the master of the cooking. And every time when it comes a favorite
granddaughter, Nina it literally sakarlal scones, cookies, homemade
pickles, salads… And Shake it all with an appetite to absorb. As admitted
once the model is coming to Russia, it is time to forget about all diets .