Irina Shayk has shared meets Bradley Cooper in the bedroom

Ирина Шейк рассказала, в чем встречает Брэдли Купера в спальне
The model is shocked by underwear choice.

Irina Shayk


31-year-old Irina Shayk is considered one of the most popular models in
advertising underwear. Moreover, Irina usually go with the spicy and
seductive model. However, as it turned out,
in their daily lives Shayk prefer very different styles.

When Irina asked what kind of underwear she chooses to be tempting
for Bradley Cooper boyfrend and father
her daughter Leia, the model gave an unexpected answer. “I dress my
men. I buy lingerie to feel it as their “second
skin”, it should be as convenient as possible. So I choose it only for
yourself to be content with myself!” said Shake.

Even more surprised fans Irina her comment about the amounts that
she usually spends on her underwear. “I come from Russia, and as many of my
countrywomen, hate to waste money. Therefore, I am not attracted to
the idea of spending hundreds of dollars on one bra. I’d rather buy for the same money
five different models, they will last me much longer!” says Shake. As
he told Irina, she sometimes wears the same bra more than one year. The model explained that she sometimes
just not able to part with your favorite things. “I have a bra
which I bought 10 years ago and still wear it. Perhaps it is time to throw it away, but I just can’t bring myself…”

However, not too racy lingerie absolutely does not interfere with Irina call love
and admiration for Bradley Cooper. It is he, before the age of 41, was preferred to all the other numerous girlfriends
and made her an offer. And that Irina gave birth to his first child — daughter Leah De Sien, which came to light in March
this year.