Ирина Шейк поделилась сексуальным фото после расставания с Брэдли Купером

You need to be able to separate family life and career than Irina Shayk knows firsthand and practicing daily. You can see this in recent events which rapidly burst into life the most popular couple of Hollywood. After parting with the father of her daughter Leah, Bradley Cooper, Irina Shayk shared network sexy photo in body. Keep it up!

Ирина Шейк поделилась сексуальным фото после расставания с Брэдли Купером

Now the star is in Iceland, where I went to relax, and work. There are shooting the new advertising campaign for Falconeri. After photos in the grey Golf in front of the subscribers of the star appeared in a black body near the waterfall.

Recall, as reported by Entertainment Tonight, referring to the insider information, that Irina became the initiator of parting, after all, tired to wait for improvements. “Irina genuinely had high hopes for their future together and felt that once the baby is born, they will find the time to get married, but it never came to fruition. She expected more from Bradley in all respects. But she was unhappy because it is too much time devoted to work”, — said one of the informants of the publication.

There are rumors that the discord in the relationship of the stars began much earlier, and the tour to support the release of the film “a Star is born” only strengthened them. “Recently, Irina has decided that enough is enough. She felt she was not receiving the level of support that she wanted, and the endless controversies made their lives unbearable. They’re very different people, and once they realized that together they keeps only the daughter of Leah, it had become clear that it is better to leave,” added the insider.

Irina Shayk moved from the mansion of the actor in Pacific Palisades in Los Angeles to your home. “The relationship between them was getting colder. This went on for several months. Irina decided it would be better if she move to him. It seems that their relationship came to an end,” said the insider.

The source claims that the relationship of stars “hanging in the balance,” and the only thing that still keeps them together is their two year old daughter Leah.

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