Ирина Шейк подогрела слухи о беременности Fans spotted the star of the podium rounded belly. That Irina Shayk and Bradley Cooper are to become parents for the second time, say for more than one month. Celebrities are avoiding to comment on the speculation of the public.
Ирина Шейк подогрела слухи о беременности

32-year-old Irina Shayk is now in Barcelona, where the Week of wedding fashion. Model takes part in various activities and willingly poses for the journalists. Recently everyone is discussing the gorgeous ring on the finger of the stars, and recently Irina again fueled interest in the person. The fact that the celebrity avoids to appear in public in revealing costumes that flatter the figure.

Irina Shayk congratulations on your engagement

Fans came to the conclusion that Sheik is a very long dress famous brand with a full skirt of delicate tulle. As always, Irina decided not to overload your image with accessories and wearing only a luxurious ring with emeralds and diamonds. Rumor has it that the decoration – a gift chosen model Bradley Cooper.

Photos of Irina in the air outfit provoked heated discussions in social networks. Some saw the star a little rounded belly. If the assumptions fans are true, Shake and Cooper will become parents for the second time. Rumors about this went a long time, but a couple prefers not to respond to speculation from the public.

Earlier Irina and Bradley were seen near the center of family planning and pregnancy. Then the Sheik was dressed in a long wrap dress with a thin belt. Spacious outfit stars gave fans at the thought of her possibly interesting position. Friends Irina and Bradley say that they do dream of a second child and are going to put their plans into action this year. Idyll in the relationships of celebrities and does not interfere with their busy schedule.

“They work hard, but remain loving and caring parents… Irina and Bradley even have time to date and spend a romantic evening together. The spark between them is not quenched. Bradley crazy about Irene, he loves it,” shared the insider.

Common couple daughter Leah was born last spring. Stars don’t like to talk about your child in the interview, but calmly walk with the baby on the streets and not hiding her face. That Irina Shayk will become a mother for the first time, it became known during the fashion show Victoria’s Secret. Then the model took to the runway with a rounded belly. Reporters figured out that Irina is in her second trimester of pregnancy.

After the birth of first-born Shayk did not stay too long on maternity leave. The model is rather quickly returned to filming, dropping kilos while waiting for the baby.