Irina Shayk has excited the people of new York with his outfit

Ирина Шейк взбудоражила жителей Нью-Йорка своим нарядом
The model decided to repeat the scandalous antics of Madonna.

Irina Shayk and Bradley Cooper

Photo: @Instagram celebrityglamcam

Irina Shayk once again attracted the attention of all the foreign media on his person. 30-year-old model appeared on
social event in a very revealing outfit. Short, translucent
lace dress by Givenchy that Irina chose to go out, the night was more reminiscent of the “combination” than the evening toilet. However, the Shake style of dress does not bother, and she
feel quite confident in it.

It should be noted that in the day when Irina appeared at a social event in a sexy “negligee”,
New York it was pouring down rain and it was only 10 degrees Celsius. And Shake in this garb had to walk quite a distance from the car to the entrance to the school. Incidentally, together with the model for the party came and her lover — actor Bradley Cooper, who was dressed in
elegant dress coat. True to throw the jacket on the shoulders of his companion he somehow
not guessed.

By the way, just a day ago
in a similar outfit from the same designer “lit up” and Madonna. Her appearance on
the annual Ball costume Institute in new York caused a scandal. Lace
outfit from Givenchy, opening all the most delicate part of the body of the actress, a
considered unacceptably provocative. A little later, Madonna explained on her
the social media page that her appearance at the ball had pursued quite
definite purpose. “It was not just a demonstration of the original suit, and
“the principal manifestation!” — said the singer. The sense of the demarche, as
it turned out, was to protest against the cult of youth and the prevalence of male
point of view in society. “The fact that you feel like a woman after
a certain age has the right to Express their sexuality and courage in
clothes are proof that our society is mired in prejudice. And
cause changes in the minds of people is impossible — without exposing themselves deliberately
certain risk. And I’m not afraid to take risks, paving the way for those who
follow me!” — announced Madonna.

However, can we consider the appearance
Shake in such a provocative outfit as support for the controversial singer or not, hard to say. It is possible that the model simply decided once again to show the world your perfect figure.

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