Irina Shayk gave the girls good advice

Ирина Шейк дала девушкам дельный совет
Recently Irina Shayk gave her beloved child, but decided not to stay long on maternity leave, and after three months after birth returned to work.

Ирина Шейк дала девушкам дельный совет

Irina does not like to dwell on his personal life, but in a recent interview decided to share beauty secrets.

“About the sexuality of women I have my own theory. If you’re hung up on how to please a man dreams, it will not work. I believe that you need to please first and foremost myself. Do not think about the man — think about yourself! Sexy women absolutely depends on you wearing heels and a push-up or not.

Sexuality is an inner harmony, which happens to magic or not. And if harmony is not, it is very much felt. Try first to please myself, not to man — as soon as you build the ideal relationship with you, he will be your,” — said the model.

Also Shake is recognized that the ideal figure was given her inheritance, she never had to diet, even after the baby is born.

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