Ирина Шейк объяснила, почему воспитывает дочь в строгости Year ago Russian model first became a mother, giving the daughter of actor Bradley Cooper. After several months Irina Shayk was able to restore the shape and to return to the podium. In an interview, the model admitted that trying to raise a child in severity, and also explained why not agree to appear Topless.
Ирина Шейк объяснила, почему воспитывает дочь в строгости

The famous model in April last year gave the daughter of Hollywood actor Bradley Cooper. With the object of dreams of many girls Irina Shayk meets for about four years, but are still not tied the knot. A few months after the birth of first child, 32-year-old model went back to work, but despite the tight schedule, all my free time trying to make the baby.

Irina is in no hurry to discuss with fans their personal lives and to share photos of Leah little, preferring to publish only news about the achievements of the podium.

“I don’t think I should talk about my personal life or try to focus on something attention. Outside of work I am just a regular person who wants to walk safely as others. Don’t want someone sticking their nose in my business,” said Shake.

Curious fans can still enjoy the pictures of star successor only on the pages of the Western press — the paparazzi literally haunt Shake and Cooper, wanting to capture the family idyll.

Leah’s childhood is very different from what she has gone through the model in Yemanzhelinsk Irina knew what poverty and hard work, he worked as a painter at a local hospital to get at least some money. That is why Irina wants to raise a daughter in severity, not pampering the girl luxurious way of life.

“You can grow in rich or poor families, be middle class, but to have good values. It all depends on what you have learned. My mom and grandma explained to us that we should always stand your ground, cultivated manners and was raised to respect your elders. I’m definitely going to give this to my daughter,” — said the model.

Irina also admitted that he never wanted to be a model many years ago, she just needed the money. It has withstood strong competition, and criticism. Recalls Shake, she repeatedly said that she is too dark skin, and also have extra for the model weight. But she didn’t want to change anything. “I never did, because I have always known that I am really. I think people can feel my energy. Maybe due to the fact that I am Russian,” laughs the star.

Early in his career, she had almost survive in Paris for 40 euros a week, eating only one Fig. However, the model never agreed to the projects that were uninteresting to her.

“We live in the XXI century, when a woman can Express their sexuality and not be ashamed of your own body. I’m not Topless — this is my personal decision. But if they need me to be naked and I like the project, agree to undress. I like photography, like art,” Irina confessed in an interview with the Evening Standard.