Ирина Шейк похвасталась деревенскими «тусовками» Summer holidays the world famous model in Russia continue. From the noise of the capital and fashionable Shine Irina Shayk fled to a small town in Bashkiria, to visit beloved relatives.

The last few days, fans of Irina Shayk with great interest followed the “adventures” beauty in Moscow. However, I had to do it through “Instagram” to receive the day on the busy streets of the capital model did not want to, but photos with followers shared willingly. What was the surprise of followers, when, instead of the glamorous girlfriends in the picture with the Shake appeared ordinary chicken. However, posed kvočka, it seems, quite willing.

As it turned out, the model went to visit his relatives in the small town of Sibai in Bashkortostan. There were born of her grandmother – Nina Korenkova and Galiya Shaykhlislamova. Many listeners praised Irina for what she has not forgotten about his roots. “Pretty! so cool when people remember their relatives who become celebrities of a world scale!”, “Well done! What could be better than his native land?!”, “How glad you do not forget their roots as some people are corrupted by fame… More such photos”, “Irene, you even in coop this is cool,” they write. Although, of course, not without critics: some users have condemned the girl because she did not bring the child.

Judging from the photos in stories “Instagram”, the Shake felt comfortable in the Russian hinterland, enjoy comfort with family and fresh homemade cakes. “Grandma’s buns. Yummy” – cute signed pictures of Irina.

Once seen, the food, the beauty of the soul: on the table, in addition to pies, spotted pickles, fresh vegetables and even fatty a sausage. Apparently, she is not afraid that the holiday will be reflected in her figure, after all and in Moscow she indulged in the delicacies. By the way, along with close friends Irina not only ate in restaurants and walked through the city, but even I managed to go to bath. Fans are most interested in the identity of the young man who was photographing a celebrity with a friend.

This model is also not spared by the Russian designers. In Moscow, she visited the boutique Alexander Terekhov, where she tried on a dress from the new collection.