Irina Shayk became friendly with the future mother-in-law before the birth

Ирина Шейк сблизилась с будущей свекровью накануне родов
Model and mom Bradley Cooper have become good friends.

Ирина Шейк сблизилась с будущей свекровью накануне родов

Irina Shayk Gloria campano

Irina Shay and Bradley Cooper

One of the
the most successful and enterprising Russian brides Irina
Shayk got into the lens paparazzi while walking with mom and her fiance,
Hollywood actor Bradley Cooper. Together with Gloria campano model made a run to the shops. Judging by the pictures, the future
cousin behave like girlfriends.

always dreamed of grandchildren, and now, when Irina is in position, it
happy as if she again becomes a mother, she is delighted with her daughter-in-law”,
— described in the environment of the Cooper.

You know,
the mother of the famous actor dreams of the granddaughter, however, the sex of the baby Irina
Bradley and unknown to the General public.

pregnancy Shayk was announced at the recent Paris show Victoria’s Secret.
Irina, demonstrated seductive underwear models are showed at the same time
its noticeable rounded tummy. Which, of course, confirmed the rumors about
her pregnancy, which appeared in mid-autumn.

she wants a baby and is quite ready to become a mother, Irina spoke again. Two
months ago she said in an interview: “My father and my mother have been married for more than 20
years. So I also want a family, because it is the most important thing we can do
Earth. And I don’t think that you can choose for the birth of the child some
abstract the ideal time. For example, my sister gave birth when she was only
22 years old, and for her it was the perfect time. Me
January will be 31, and may is the perfect time for me.
But most importantly, to have the “right” man…”