Irina Shayk back in perfect shape 3 weeks after birth

Ирина Шейк вернула идеальную форму через 3 недели после родов
The supermodel gave fans in admiration.

Ирина Шейк вернула идеальную форму через 3 недели после родов

Irina Shayk

Irina Shayk, which at the end of last month
gave birth to a daughter from her boyfriend Bradley Cooper, in some mysterious way
already managed to regain her figure in an almost prenatal form.

In the picture that caused the delight of fans, Sheik is depicted in a black bikini reclining on an inflatable
the mattress in the middle of the pool. And although it looks like Irina really wonderful,
apparently, this posture was chosen Irina is not accidental. Despite
that Shake has almost completely got rid of the weight accumulated over time
of pregnancy, her belly still not fully
managed to restore its former is flat shape. And in the lying
the situation is not so noticeable. However, if we take into account
discipline Shake the fact that she continued to do at the gym even
when she had her daughter, her return to the antenatal form — it’s only a matter of time, and the nearest.

Irina Shayk and Bradley Cooper


We recall that Irina became the mother to
the first time, it became known just a week ago, although delivery took a couple
weeks before this news. My daughter Shake
and Cooper was given an impressive name — Lea De Sien. And about the pregnancy Irina all found out after
in November last year she appeared on the catwalk in Paris, where he took
a demonstration collection of lingerie. Then its distinctly rounded
belly caused a sensation. And in December of last year it became known about
engagement Shayk and Cooper, when her hand appeared a stunning ring with a large
emerald surrounded by diamonds. As for the wedding of Irina and Bradley,
it is claimed, is scheduled for summer of this year.