Irina Shayk and Bradley Cooper with his daughter at the farmers market in Los Angeles

Ирина Шейк и Брэдли Купер с дочерью на фермерском рынке в Лос-Анджелесе

The season of fresh fruit and vegetables began. Caring parents have purchased farm products for the whole family. To snatch the best fruits and vegetables for little Leah decided Irina Shayk and Bradley Cooper.

In the network appeared the pictures of stars at the farmers market in Los Angeles. While caring mom pick products, Bradley entertained the baby, so it was not difficult and didn’t get bored. Fans drew attention not only to the care of parents for nutrition, but to the color scheme of the outfits Irina and Leah. users noted that Sheik picked up the handbag to match the color of shorts and waistcoats to his daughter. coincidence?

By the way, the family Shake and Cooper walking in the footsteps of Charlize Theron, who along with six-year-old son Jackson and three year old daughter Augusta went to look for food on the market in the area of Studio city in Los Angeles. The actress bought a strawberry, spent a lot of time at the tent with bread and pita chips, and then bought the lemonade themselves and their children. Star tried not to catch the eye of the paparazzi and behave very restrained. Theron chose to go on the market in adidas sweatpants and a large sweater. The kids were dressed in sports clothes.

Recall, for 15 years, 43-year-old Bradley Cooper has been a career actor and it is no secret that over the years has lost a landmark in life. In this case, it is the family helps to gather and find your way. “I spent about 15 years old, appearing in one film to another. But when I turned 39, I stopped and asked myself, perhaps the most important question: “what do I really want to do?” To be a father and have a family of your own is a miracle and something I have always dreamed of. These important things have appeared in my life, opened me a new perspective,” says Bradley.
After the birth of Leah Irene and Bradley became only closer and identify with their priorities in life – create big and strong family.
And though the child takes the couple all the free time, they continue to actively pursue a career.
Now Bradley Cooper tries himself in a new role as Director. He disappears for the film “a Star is born”, where he will play the lead female role of Lady Gaga. But Irina Shayk, despite the fact that it was not long after the birth of her daughter, shone on the red carpet anniversary the 70-th Cannes film festival.

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