Irina Saltykova was shocked the 81-year-old mom

Ирина Салтыкова шокировала снимком 81-летней мамы
Now I know where the singer went for its beauty.

Photo: Instagram

The joint photograph of the 51-year-old Irina and her 81-year-old mother, Valentina Dmitrievna, impressed the public. I have the feeling that both drink some elixir of youth or chew rejuvenating apples in unlimited quantities, because each of them looks at least 15 years younger than they actually are.

“Wow!”— admired by the fans of the singer. “Mommy’s done!””Could be, Yes, it is a maximum of 60!”, “Wow… That’s genetics!»

So now it is clear that youth and beauty Saltykova — this is not a merit of plastic surgeons, as many people think. In fact, the pop star of the 90s “only” have a lucky gene: she will always look great. And even 80, everyone will think that she is a maximum of 60.

By the way, the daughter of Irene Alice Saltykova has “exchanged” the fourth decade, but also looks like she’s 17. Anniversary girl said quietly in the family in one of the restaurants of London in December last year. This evening Alice appeared in front of subscribers in the new image. She regained the natural color of hair white. Fans marveled at how Alice was like her mother, changing hair color to blonde. But some time ago it seemed incredible that Alice, who is a rock singer, can return to color hair, given to her by nature. However, fans have agreed in opinion that to be blonde Alice is much more. Irina Saltykova has confirmed that this is indeed a change of image, not an old photograph.