Irina Saltykova wanted to get rid of her daughter

Ирина Салтыкова хотела избавиться от дочери

Beloved and only child of Russian singer Irina Saltykova – her daughter Alice, could not be born, if not the former husband of actress Viktor Saltykov. In a recent interview, the contractor said that literally saved the life of his eldest child, convincing the ex-wife not to have an abortion.

Irina Saltykova with her daughter Alice

In the program “About love” Saltykov told about how happily married with Irina Melinoe, his second wife, but first, Irina Saltykova, his relationship did not exist. Despite the presence of a common child, the daughter of Alice and former spouses practically don’t communicate.
Victor admitted that an unplanned pregnancy Irina was the main reason they went to the registry office. If Saltykov decided not to take that step of his firstborn son would not be alive.
“I’ve gone on tour a month and knew nothing. I felt the tone that something is going on. Spravshival: are you all right? When it came, was asked directly. She said that the deadline for three months… there was a time when she went to buy vodka to “make” a miscarriage. At this point I stopped her. And we went to the registry office…” — said the singer.
Infidelity and the wild lifestyle is not the best way affected the marriage artists. Moreover, Victor did not like that his wife zasobiralis singer, and Irina did not plan to get bogged down in baby-diapers forever. The couple broke up not friends and at every opportunity Express their displeasure with each other.