Irina Saltykova seduced by Oleg Gazmanov

Ирина Салтыкова соблазнила Олега Газманова The singer shared a bold frame with fans. Irina has published a rare photo together with Oleg Gazmanov. Passionate embrace of two stars caused a resonance in the Network.
Ирина Салтыкова соблазнила Олега Газманова

Irina Saltykova one of the brightest performers hits of the 90s. In may the singer was 52 years. The actress often shares with fans a rare staff his personal life and family photos with adult daughter Alice.

This time she showed a picture, taken a few decades ago. In the photo she, along with singer Oleg Gazmanov, artists passionately drawn to each other lips.

“That’s what the photograph was found, how young we were. It Oleg Gazmanov!” – shared the singer.
Ирина Салтыкова соблазнила Олега Газманова

“Both handsome!”, “Gazmanov now interesting! And you always beautiful”, “I Agree with Oleg, like a candy kiss”, “You and Oleg are probably the only stars of the 90s, which looked great then, look great now, live without jaundice scandals in the press. Very nice to follow your work!” noted fans of the stars.

In the 90s the artist was named one of the sex-symbol of Russian show business. Saltykov was recognized that now is not suffering from a lack of attention from men.

“To be a sex symbol, nothing wrong. Although get men of all sorts: with head and without head. And the more you have, the more likely you’ll be alone, because such pressure can not stand. So to be a sex symbol, minus one, and everything is great. But the popularity of a lot of minuses,” – says the artist.

Irina noted that in the glory there are many disadvantages. According to singer, the fans have a false idea about her, imposed by the media. Saltykov believes that popularity is not the best impact on her personal life.

“But the popularity many disadvantages. Good what? Well, respect, in the first place. The same policeman will stop — smile at him, and all is well. But the personal life suffers because of the artist doing some idol, which, may be, he is not. Press this may be elementary to do from any blind person what they think is right. With the singer, not everyone can live with. Here we need only the strong, a real man, and we have, excuse me, men disappeared almost. They are like women. They need a nanny. Therefore, as a rule, women artists remain alone. Male entertainers drink too much,” the actress shared with reporters.

However, still thousands of fans write to her a lot of favorable comments under the photos. Fans say that Irina looks very young, some even confuse her with her daughter Alice.