Irina Saltykova forces daughter to walk on Moscow restaurants

Ирина Салтыкова заставляет дочь ходить по московским ресторанам The actress told how a visit to one of the institutions inspired Alice to create the controversial song. The heir lives abroad, but occasionally comes to visit her mother in Russia.

Star 90s, Irina Saltykova appears not as often as years ago. Now the actress prefers to write songs like her, and not to focus on how well the audience will receive them. At the time, the singer was wildly popular, so she didn’t even like to go out where people asking her for autographs, disturbing a pleasant pastime.

“Now I’m in the streets can walk. I’m now head-down… and faster, but no one would know. I’m tired of superpopulyarnymi, for the sake of which sacrificed personal life. One of the significant advantages of popularity is the fee. But trust me, I worked so hard that something works,” – said Irina in an interview with reporters.

Saltykov prefers to choose a quality material to present her songs have meaning, and they were well made. Her daughter Alice, who lives in London, sometimes it helps her to work on the new songs. Often, the successor of Irene to the last not tells that is preparing the text for the hit.

“I thought to write a slow song: it is always nicer to sing, you can show the vocals, as we like to draw, to yell like a stuck. But the slow songs rarely become hits. In General, while I thought it was a long time. And then suddenly my daughter Alice, who writes music and sings in English, a year and a half ago says, “Mom, I don’t know you like or not, but I have a surprise for you”. “What?” She says: “just Wait a couple of days.” And on arrival in Moscow from London all the time where it went — as it turned out, the Studio. In the end, brings me a song, “follow me,” said Irina.

Since Alice has almost no friends, she spends a lot of time with my mom. During one of his visits to the capital the girl with the artist visited one of the popular restaurants where the highly controversial audience. “Chic, brilliance, bluff, fake, the other one mile. At the table fools — patterns of culture. Immodest dancing, short skirts, found the love of girls, but only for a day,” this is the text of the song “Girls”, which was created by Alice after a hike in one of the seedy establishments of Moscow.

“By and large, we go with her only to restaurants, theaters, she’s walks in London. And here I bring in one of our well-known fashionable and very expensive restaurant. She looked at all, studied, analyzed. And back in London, after 2 days wrote the song”, recalled the case of Irina.

As recognized by Saltykov “Arguments and facts”, in a short time she plans to release a whole album where the songs are written by different authors.