Irina Saltykova: “a Weak man I don’t need!”

Ирина Салтыкова: «Слабый мужчина мне не нужен!»  In a candid interview with “StarHit” spoke about a new period began in her life, finding love and feeling of age. The confessions Irina, she would never want to go back 30 years and relive it all.

      Ирина Салтыкова: «Слабый мужчина мне не нужен!»

      Superstar of the 90s in a short time will take part in the concert “Brother 2. Live Soundtrack”, which will be held may 19 at the stage of “Crocus city Hall”. In an exclusive interview with “StarHit” Irina Saltykov told about that in the near future the public will see new Irina Saltykov, he remembered the filming of the movie “Brother 2” and explained why he wants to see educated and well-educated man.

      In may you have at once two bright events – the birthday concert and “Brother 2. Live Soundtrack”. Understand how many important things in your life happened?
      Ирина Салтыкова: «Слабый мужчина мне не нужен!»  Now don’t pay attention to your age. Because the personality has no age. —
      Then explain how you manage to look half your age?
      Ирина Салтыкова: «Слабый мужчина мне не нужен!»  Most importantly, not only externally but also internally I have the same thing. And mind slightly increased – he never bothers. Diets never raped, and engaged in sports. Lately I like the choreography, and I want to try to work it, ” because the gym is boring for me. —
      Recently you said that you would not want to return to their 20? Why?
      Ирина Салтыкова: «Слабый мужчина мне не нужен!»  Because it’s complete nonsense, it would be interesting. Than good looks there is nothing there, and everything else is now. Youth is just a chance, not merit.
      Ирина Салтыкова: «Слабый мужчина мне не нужен!»
      As I understand it, the anniversary concerts not yet scheduled, but may 19, at the “Crocus city Hall” will host a musical evening dedicated to the film “Brother 2”. Whether the gig of something different from St. Petersburg, which took place in the winter?
      Ирина Салтыкова: «Слабый мужчина мне не нужен!»  At the winter concert at the ice Palace I was leading. And, usually when I’m leading, see it as work, just work out, but here I had a different feeling. First, Peter second, so many people, this music, these guys are musicians. I felt like a different Irina Saltykova. The main thing that people liked. I have no excitement no, but the triumph is. I like the story that we do not forget this wonderful movie, and the soundtrack is an important part of this movie, it is still modern and all our musicians, not foreigners. —
      The identity of Sergei Bodrov is now shrouded in mystery and myths. In fact, it has risen in one number with Viktor Tsoi and Igor Talc. You’ve probably talked with him on the set, tell us what he was in life?
      Ирина Салтыкова: «Слабый мужчина мне не нужен!»  When we worked together on the set, I noticed that he was different from all the people, his reticence, education, charm. In General, these creative personalities – they are not of this world. To earth person that does not understand, but I felt he was different. Of course, I was saddened by the tragedy that happened to him. Another issue is that we haven’t seen how it happened, no shots and no shots, so it’s somehow easier to move us, but not close ones. Because if we saw it all in detail, maybe it would be more difficult. —
      We know that after “Brother 2” have you starred in several films. If you are interested in the work of the actress?
      Ирина Салтыкова: «Слабый мужчина мне не нужен!»  Honestly, my quality is never prepared and hope for the best, and then regret it. In “Brother 2” is the same – all as-that quickly all on the run. I think it could be done better. When the movie was made, I did not have much time, and no one ever knew that you get a film Director Alexey Balabanov took full responsibility. When I asked him: “are You sure I can do that?”, he heard the answer: “Yes, I have no doubt! Hope for me!”
      Maintained relationships with the film crew after filming?
      Ирина Салтыкова: «Слабый мужчина мне не нужен!»  With Sergey Sukhorukov talked many times, very cool guy. Balabanov in a few years I called myself. I understand that he had some problem in his head, and he called me to consult. I asked, “What happened? Take care of yourself”, to which he replied: “Only you can tell the truth and trust”. I told him: “Alex, how is it that so much time has passed, and you are so little making a movie, I still wanted to invite”. And he said, “I for you specially do role!”
      Ирина Салтыкова: «Слабый мужчина мне не нужен!»
      In the press it there are rumors circulating that soon we will see a new Saltykov, which will restart his musical career…
      Ирина Салтыкова: «Слабый мужчина мне не нужен!»  The concerts I give constantly, but every now and then had the idea to stop, because I was not satisfied with the old, and I wanted to try something new. Unfortunately, I had songs that did not interest me – I realized that everything is useless and nothing will change. And then suddenly two months ago my daughter Alice makes a surprise and says: “I wrote a song for you”. It has long been writes the lyrics and music in English to herself, and then she first wrote in Russian for me. I generally difficult to please, but then when I heard, just stunned – that’s exactly what I was looking for! I liked it and, roughly speaking, it made me go back to it all – we recorded the music, shot a video for the song “follow me”. The funny thing is that nobody recognizes this song has already been compared to some artists, but the song was well received, because it is not similar to those to which we are accustomed. It’s completely different music, more serious. Even when we spent the money on the clip, I asked Alice: “And suddenly will not be the result?” She said it would be – even if what you learn another. Everyone should know, at least through my music and songs that I’m inside another. —
      That is to say that the song “follow me” was the beginning of a new stage?
      Ирина Салтыкова: «Слабый мужчина мне не нужен!»  Absolutely! It will be a new stage, because I have changed internally, externally. And will show to change completely, going to do a new album. Alice already wrote a second song which is really cool. You know, sometimes scared to change in the opposite direction, because often it turns out quite ridiculous, but in this case very well. I feel harmony, I like it. The first time I’m happy, I’m usually all for it. —
      And career how is your daughter Alice? She now lives in London and is fully engaged in music?
      Ирина Салтыкова: «Слабый мужчина мне не нужен!»  Fine, she’s fine. Just everything she does, keeps a secret, especially not disclose and won’t let me. But I can say that everything is fine she had formed while he writes English songs.—
      As far as we know, you have your own shop and a beauty salon. If you are affected by the financial crisis?
      Ирина Салтыкова: «Слабый мужчина мне не нужен!»  No, I have nothing. If someone says that he has never been a financial crisis is not true, it affected all, without exception. If you live on another planet – Yes. I addition to the concerts there is no business whatsoever. —
      What were your impressions from participating in the show “Without a net”?
      Ирина Салтыкова: «Слабый мужчина мне не нужен!»  I have all passed without injuries is most importantly. In childhood I engaged in artistic gymnastics and agreed easily enough, because I was curious. There were a lot of injuries from other parties, because it’s such a risky project when I was walking there, I didn’t know that was risky. We met with Alexei Nemov, other great athletes.
      Ирина Салтыкова: «Слабый мужчина мне не нужен!»
      Remember the most difficult room?
      Ирина Салтыкова: «Слабый мужчина мне не нужен!»  This was not, as for the acrobatics, all were difficult. —
      In many interviews you said that you would like to meet an educated man…
      Ирина Салтыкова: «Слабый мужчина мне не нужен!»  Not only educated, but also educated. This is very important! I need a man not then that taught me the ABC’s or politics. I’m an educated person and I’m not interested with people who are not educated – I can see it and read immediately. I need educated, to meet me, and brought up – what I also really like in men, I believe that the Foundation of a good person. In my youth I did not understand, I would like young people outwardly, or rowdy, or who commits some actions. Now it is not. —
      Not every man can be with such a bright woman…
      Ирина Салтыкова: «Слабый мужчина мне не нужен!»  A strong man will endure, and the weak man will not be – but I don’t need him. You know, it’s like a headache, and it’s not a good tablet. Don’t have to drink all sorts of rubbish, have to endure the pain, until, until there is a normal pill that will definitely heal. So we do not waste your time. The self-sufficiency of a person tells about his power, about his mind, and therefore do not have to be strong when the man, the main thing – to feel good with myself. —
      Do you consider yourself a happy person? Is optimism really never left you?
      Ирина Салтыкова: «Слабый мужчина мне не нужен!»  No, never. Even in the most difficult situations, I understood that this lesson is given me to understand something new. So, I thanked God always, even when I had setbacks. Of course, there were bad moments, but it does not mean that I feel unhappy.

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