Ирину Салтыкову осудили за снимок поцелуя с дочкой
The singer is not very nice surprised fans.

Irina Saltykova with daughter Alice

Photo: @irinasaltykova_official Instagram Irina Saltykova

Irina Saltykova was subjected to serious criticism from the fans. The fact that the actress shared a family shot, which has caused a strong negative reaction of subscribers to 50-year-old domestic singer.

The photo that was the reason for the condemnation was sealed with a kiss Saltykova her already adult daughter. And this would not be anything special if the kiss between Irene and 28-year-old Alice has not been made “grown-up”. Many of the fans of the artist do not understand such behavior of mother and daughter and admitted that, from their point of view, is immoral. However, some fans still came to the defense of the singer, confessing that you see in the picture is just an expression of an exceptional love between parents and children.

By the way, not so long ago, like the shared Love of the assumption, gathering such a number of disapproving comments in his address.

By the way, Alisa Saltykova dreams of becoming a famous singer, just like her mother. However, her stage persona is dramatically different from the usual “puppet” style of Irene. Not long ago, the daughter Saltykova decided to change in appearance. She dyed her hair a darker color and “stuffed” are tattoos. Irina Saltykova, of course, not really like the changes in her daughter, but her choice she respects. “Mom tells me that always wanted a girl-girl, and I was like this “kid,” laughs Alice Saltykova.

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