Ирина Розанова: «Место меняет твое состояние» The actress told “StarHit” about collusion with colleagues and the magic cabbage. Irina Rozanova has revealed the secret of well-being and weight loss. She admitted that she tries to move, to not suffer because of the extra pounds.
Ирина Розанова: «Место меняет твое состояние»

“Creative representatives of my generation’s thirst for work is diagnosed. We are obstinate people,” says Rozanov. Could not agree more: she has listed nearly one hundred and fifty projects. During the filming of the last picture “were”, which goes to the cinema on March 15, she managed to acquire a new unique experience. How to exist at a furious pace, not to lose your cool and look good, she told a secret “StarHit”.

The simple truth

You have so many films! Where is the power?
Ирина Розанова: «Место меняет твое состояние»Oh, come on. I’m in the profession for thirty – three years, the regime has become a way of life, developed a tolerance. From your favorite things, good teams get the most joy. Tired of another – either from idleness or from a dull routine. —
Sure fatigue does not threaten you.
Ирина Розанова: «Место меняет твое состояние»I always try to spend time usefully. In the output I would prefer to go to the exhibition, visit the Museum, not to wipe his pants talking. If you do, then take up a book or brush. The drawing is wonderfully soothing and relaxing.—
But if a lot of the weekend?
Ирина Розанова: «Место меняет твое состояние»I’m going away. I love Venice! In General, I think the Italians are great people. Incidentally, the first “foreigners” occurred in Italy. Director Sergei Zhenovach at the time of the Soviet Union accepted the invitation to bring our performance “Pannochka” to the festival in Florence. My colleagues and I saw then not Poland or Bulgaria, where be was simpler, namely the beautiful Florence. Remember, we are then like a hammer on the head – the eyes fell at the sight of the fantastic basilicas and cathedrals.—
Speaking of theater, what is most unusual given the audience?
Ирина Розанова: «Место меняет твое состояние»My career began in the Theater. Mayakovsky. Every Patriotic citizen had a favorite artist. Despite the short life, I managed to acquire fans. When the Goodies they bring home pickles, jams, it was touching and very useful in everyday life.—
The film was shot in a remote village. How the local reacted to the star cast?
Ирина Розанова: «Место меняет твое состояние»Great! First, though, could not believe his eyes, but because of the simplicity of nature quickly came to life. Paying care: always feed, sharing fresh milk, homemade bread, bacon and so on. It was incredibly delicious!
Ирина Розанова: «Место меняет твое состояние»

Peace and quiet

Long they stayed?
Ирина Розанова: «Место меняет твое состояние»A month. And I tell you a secret: to complete the work of Fyodor Dobronravov, Roma Madyanov and I have agreed. We decided to abandon all labor sentences, to be immersed in the right atmosphere. Interestingly, of course, as the seat of the changes the human condition. In the city there will be a reason for which you can get out of yourself. And there, surrounded by nature, hear the wind, rustle of leaves, the twisted trees, the birds singing. The village is considered a protected area, so we were even bears were found. By the way, in his spare time Madyanov banged in fishing. In the evening catch grilled on the fire – delicious dinner out. —
It is the Outback you like?
Ирина Розанова: «Место меняет твое состояние»I was born in Penza, and spent his childhood in Ryazan. Although in the capital live a long time in the shower remained a provincial. I love being out in nature to collect mushrooms, fishing, and Hiking in the woods think the best fitness. Surprisingly, the creators of three months looking for a suitable location – an abandoned village with picturesque landscapes. It would seem, is to move out from the Central trunk, and a couple of tens of kilometers will be rested in the wilderness. In the end we settled in the Leningrad region, in the village of Landovice. There really is a population of just nine people. —
You have a great driving experience. What can you say about the current drivers?
Ирина Розанова: «Место меняет твое состояние»Too many are distracted by the parties. Residents of Moscow are in constant emotional stress. All aggressive. I’ve been driving and imposed its own rules on the road – not to ignore the impudent, brazen not to get between the cars, not to get angry and not to swear. Nerves should be protected. —
So so chic look?
Ирина Розанова: «Место меняет твое состояние»Recently two women that went from closed showed our pictures and discussed: “what have they done to her? As a good life, and how disfigured!” This is my friend told. I love our naive, virginal viewers! By and large, a specific recipe you’re not to me. I try not to let the genetics of the parents. Although when I took too long and many did all sorts of purifications of the body. There were periods when especially hungry. Now the weight problem is in the other direction. Here was the weekend spent on the couch and hi – arrow on the scales. Starts to work, all completely erased! So, girls, keep in mind: you want to lose weight exercise more. Still, their body arrangement is half store-bought products for me tasteless, so I don’t eat them. If mayonnaise, it is only a home made from their ingredients. Now I want something seasonal, for example, sauerkraut. She is the only one which still retains the essential vitamins.—
Take in lured place?
Ирина Розанова: «Место меняет твое состояние»Better! My friend Marina Ignatenko is the “Mama Lena”, as we call it, when she worked in film, and now deepened in the economy. Now the “Mama Lena” son of Marina Makary two hands doing the cabbage yourself. This is fantastic! So we got it all covered…