Ирина Розанова раскрыла причины своего одиночества Star of theatre and film told about his personal life. At different times Irina Rozanova was in a relationship with Eugene Kamenkovich, Gregory Belenky and Timur Weinstein. In a recent interview, the actress candidly spoke about why her marriage broke up.
Ирина Розанова раскрыла причины своего одиночества

56-year-old theater and film actress Irina Rozanova has played a major role in the mini-series “Bachelorette”, which will premiere this spring. On the eve of the release of a new project with her star told reporters about his work, relationships with ex-husbands and shares his plans for the future.

At different times the celebrity was married to Eugene Kamenkovich, Gregory Belenky and Timur Weinstein. The actress also had Affairs with Directors Bakhtiyar by Hudoynazarova and Dmitry Meshalim. Now heart star free. Irina admitted that he had no regrets about the past.

“I, in fact, was never married to a husband. Except that only the first time, and then I just realized that I have to go forward. I’ve always been, perhaps more than friend, I couldn’t say the word “day” how to learn to speak any woman. My mother wanted so I their husbands always said “on”. I never thought of who earns more, I was born with the feeling that money is guests came and went”, – says the actress.
Ирина Розанова раскрыла причины своего одиночества

According to Rozanova, there are no plans to insult the ex-lovers. The actress believes that no one in my life hurt, and intends to further adhere to such attitudes.

Ирина Розанова раскрыла причины своего одиночества “I did about one of his former men will not say bad, they are all my friends, my relatives, my destiny. And curse their fate and weep I am not going. God, I have the book of life! Herself envious,” says the artist.

The star managed to maintain good relations with former spouses. Irina finds Eugene and Pauline Kamenkovich Kutepova a lovely couple and wishes them happiness. In summer, the actress starred in Dmitry Meshieva, and Gregory Belenky lives in the neighborhood with her. “We communicate, we are normal people,” said Rozanov.

In recognition of the celebrity, it is not so easy to get along with. However, Irina does not exclude that will once again enter into a relationship.

“I think I would be able to fall in love – told the actress, laughing. – Then, I say, all my love spill over into friendship.”

At the same time, Rozanov is absolutely not afraid of loneliness. The actress is a pleasure to spend time with myself. When a star does not need to go to work, it can arrange a day of laziness. “I love it when you can in your shirttails hang around with an iPad, with a book to the fridge and back,” said celebrity in an interview with “OK!”.