Irina Rodnina remembered how she fought for children

Ирина Роднина вспомнила, как боролась за детей The accomplished athlete, coach and state leaders talked about the difficulties faced after the divorce with their husbands. Irina Rodnina has a son and a daughter. Despite the conflicts with ex-spouses, she never pitted heirs against them.

      Ирина Роднина вспомнила, как боролась за детей

      A famous Soviet figure skater Irina Rodnina was one of the most outstanding athletes that managed to win three times Olympic gold. But, despite the success in sports career, her personal life was not so brilliant. She was married twice, but marriage didn’t last long. First time Irina Rodnina married the partner of Alexander Zaitsev, with whom he skated in a pair. For a joint life at them was born a son, Alexander.

      After parting with Irina, her husband the boy stayed with mom. Rodnina in the program of Yulia Menshovoj “Alone with all” remembered how once her ex-husband took to his heir and did not warn her about it.

      “He took once, and from school took the kid for a month. I could call the police, but I imagine what will happen with my son when he sees the police taking him from his father. Well then there he was – seven years. I knew that too, so don’t arrive”, – said the skater.

      Soon, parents were able to resolve the situation and to negotiate the terms on which the boy would see his father.

      Soon after breaking up with Zaitsev, Irina, married businessman Leonid Minkovsky. The couple moved to live in the USA, and soon the couple have a daughter Alena. But secure life with a second spouse has not worked. Soon, her husband left her, and began litigation regarding a child in common. Ex-husband was afraid that she could take the daughter out of the country. Irina believes that Leonid wanted to take revenge on her. “I didn’t go somewhere on occasion, not agreed on the conditions offered”, – says Irina Rodnina.

      Irina knew that she could not stay in America, and decided to return home. By the time Alena had already grown up and established a relationship with the father, so the accomplished athlete was not afraid to leave their daughter abroad. She understood that the girl grew up there and feels American, even though speaks in Russian.

      “We still had the children lose”, – said Yulia Rodnina Menshovoj.

      Despite the fact that Irina was having some disagreements with her ex-husbands about the children, she never retuned his heirs against their fathers. The accomplished athlete she is sorry that not so much time devoted to my son and daughter for his career.

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