Irina Rodnina explained why her daughter lives abroad

Ирина Роднина объяснила, почему ее дочь живет за границей Skater commented on the work and views of Alyona Minkovsky, which from early childhood is located in United States under the influence of his father. The successor of Irina Rodnina received the in another country education, and now works as a journalist in one of the American editions.
Ирина Роднина объяснила, почему ее дочь живет за границей

68-year-old skater and the Deputy of the State Duma Irina Rodnina gave an interview to reporters in which he spoke about his 32-year-old daughter Alyona Minkovsky. The girl lives in the US in four years. After graduating from the University of California at Santa Cruz, she began a career in journalism. Alena leads a program on the portal of the popular American news aggregator.

According to Irina, her daughter brought up America. The father of journalist – businessman Leonid Minkovsky left in the United States. After the man was gone from athletes, between the ex-spouses has begun litigation concerning a child in common. Minkovsky was afraid that Rodnina can take the daughter out of the country. So he banned Allen to enter the territory of Russia to 18 years. Irina Konstantinovna had to meet her ex-husband. As Rodnina told reporters, she was repeatedly scolded for heiress living abroad. The woman herself does not see anything wrong.

Irina Rodnina remembered how she fought for children

“What is this? She lives there since 1990. I’m not collapsing Soviet Union. I do not blame the country for which he fought, my parents, for which I spoke, and took a blow,” admitted the skater.
Ирина Роднина объяснила, почему ее дочь живет за границей

Reporters asked Irina Konstantinovna, if she had resentment about the fact that her daughter in America. Alain writes in social networks about how to read all Harry Potter, not the books of Nikolai Nosov, who her mother mentions in social networks.

“Each generation lives its own life. Why should I impose? My task was to raise children, to grow, to educate. Then everyone stands on their positions. Probably, if there are interesting people. Not when they depend on adults to look at life through the eyes of adults. In this way, the problem of our education. Peter introduced the drill and rote learning. And I would like more freedom. To the teacher, if you answer wrong, as he taught, did not lower the rating,” – says the sports star.

According to Irina, her daughter is fluent in Russian and knows five languages. With his brother Alexander, who lives in Moscow, Alyona loves to communicate in English.

“It is easier. Youth. They so quickly find a common language. Remember the moment as United against me in the hope that I don’t know what to say, and switched to English. Somewhere this is already a habit,” explained the skater.

Irina Konstantinovna not so good in English to fully read the article Alena. So skater prefer to get acquainted with fragments of her materials. Rodnina also admitted that doesn’t like to talk with her daughter on the topic of politics. “We have no confrontation. We respect each other’s views. If I accept such laws, I have an opinion on it. If she writes – she also has the opinion”, – quotes the Deputy