Ирина Понаровская вернулась в Россию, кардинально изменив имидж The singer spent many years in Estonia, the capital preferring hanging out a quiet, solitary life. But some time ago, Irina Ponarovskaya moved to Saint Petersburg.
Ирина Понаровская вернулась в Россию, кардинально изменив имидж

“Last year her mother died, Nina, and Irina returned,” – says the “StarHit” girlfriend celebrity Marina.

It seems that life in the cultural capital Ponarovskaya quite satisfied.

“She goes to the theatres, especially the likes of the Mariinsky, ballet has always been her taste, says “StarHit” composer Yuri Erikon, a friend of the actress. – Still loves to walk in the old estates. Home Ira is also not sitting idle – hosts. By the way, still interested in modeling clothes. I recently got me a costume that I made myself. Perform it on stage!”

Externally, the singer has changed beyond recognition. New look and style created a furor among fans.

“We did Irina Vitalievna staining, – shares with “StarHit” Maria, stylist. – To emphasize the porcelain skin and blue eyes, gave the hair a pink-beige shade. The whole procedure cost her about 20 thousand rubles. She looks gorgeous. Still will give odds to many young girls. That’s right, that does not spare yourself the money!”

Fans still dreaming that their favorite will once again take the stage. By this step, and encourages each Yuri Erikon, recently he even wrote her a song, but again he heard a refusal. “Irina brought journalists – continues to Yuri Eduardovich. – It is difficult to talk to people who cheat and don’t keep my word. Plus it has quite a different understanding of the culture and songs. Perhaps it’s correct!”