Irina Ponarovskaya became a grandmother

Ирина Понаровская стала бабушкой Stars granddaughter was born about a month ago. Irina Ponarovskaya prefers not to advertise personal life, so fans know about the birth of a baby only a few weeks later.
Ирина Понаровская стала бабушкой

Irina Ponarovskaya accustomed to an indoor lifestyle. She rarely appears at social events, trying not to show relationships with men. That is why any news about the star becomes a sensation for her fans.

Recently, the Network appeared the video, which depicted the son of the artist, 33-year-old Anthony Roddy, who was in the children’s clinic with her newborn daughter. As it turned out, the granddaughter Ponarovskaya got the exotic name Charlotte.

Fans of the actress immediately pointed out that the girl is incredibly similar to his father. She, like Anthony Rodda, swarthy complexion. The girl was dressed in a pink bodysuit and had a routine medical examination.

Recall that in 2014, it turned out that the son of actress first became a father. Then Anthony had a son, but the man, like his star mother preferred to hide this fact from the public.

In the program “You wouldn’t believe!” appeared and Sergei Zverev, who for many years is friends with Irina Ponarovskaya. He openly explained why the singer suddenly disappeared from all radars and left in the shade.

“She is worried she is not so young and beautiful. We’re not a girl, age takes its toll. Beauty, it’s not forever, and this just need to accept. When the bar is set at such a high level, the worse look anymore,” said Zverev.
Ирина Понаровская стала бабушкой

But the agent Ponarovskaya Lera Tuwina disagree with such statements. According to a young woman the singer is just tired from attention of the press, and because of this, prefers not to give reasons to discuss it person.

“Call her and offer 50 or 60 thousand euros. Maybe even more, but we can refuse. Just due to the fact that Irina does not want to work that day. Irina also requires that she not be photographed. I personally go around the room and selected phones in the audience. She is now a grandmother, helping my son and daughter-in-law to care for children. She is well aware that they need support,” – said Tuvin.

Financial issues are a little worried Ponarovskaya. It acts only at private parties and only in the case if you want to. In this protracted oblivion torments her.

According to the agent Ponarovskaya, star live in St. Petersburg, often visited the theatres. However, almost all free time she spends with my son. Irina doted for grandchildren and tries to give them maximum love.

Anyway, fans Ponarovskaya very happy, because now in the life of the actress has an adorable baby, about which she will be taken care of. Earlier it was reported that Irina is in conflict with her ex-husband Weyland Rodd and does not allow him to see his son or grandchildren. However, fans hope this difficult situation will sooner or later be resolved.