Irina Pisareva conquer the Russian show business

Ирина Писарева покоряет российский шоу-бизнес
30 September in the concert hall “Crocus city hall” was held a Grand event “VI the real prize of the Russian Music Box-2018”.

Ирина Писарева покоряет российский шоу-бизнес

The red Carpet dazzled with stars, which always surprised the audience with their outfits, and the show itself was massive, spectacular and full of surprises. Despite the scandal that erupted on the eve of the awards, many artists and famous guests ignored the ban to appear on the award and came to captivate an audience. Among the celebrities shone singer Lolita, Olga Buzova, receiving the prize in several categories. Valery, Jasmine, Sergey Zverev, Oleg Gazmanov, Irina Saltykova and many other famous stars as well as newcomers to the music industry.

The famous Russian star nutritionist Irina Pisareva, more recently, having not only domestic title of “Miss Federation 2018”, but internationally, winning the victory in Monte-Carlo “Miss Monaco 2018”, decided to take new height, but not as a model, and singer.

Ирина Писарева покоряет российский шоу-бизнес

Now under the pseudonym IRISHA, a young and ambitious girl ready to stand on the top of musical Olympus. During the red carpet of the award “Russian Music Box-2018” , IRISHA appeared in a chic suit dress by star designer “Sumara” , which brought to mind the designers have attracted international attention with its beauty and elegance.

“My motto is to go forward and not to stop,” said the singer.

Recall that just recently, IRISHA recorded his track “Hurt” and in the near future promises a video presentation. Well, we can only wish good luck to the young star and watch how it will evolve her career.