Irina Pegova without makeup looks the same age as the daughter of a teenage

Ирина Пегова без макияжа выглядит ровесницей дочки-подростка
The actress has already started preparing for the New year.

Irina Pegova with my daughter

Photo: @Instagram Irina pegovairina Pegawai

Irina Pegova any spare minute he tries to spend with his beloved daughter Tatyana. Owing to the big employment, the actress is not often finds time for family gatherings. But sometimes Irina manages to carve out several hours to communicate with my daughter.

Last Friday night Pegova spent with 12-year-old Tatiana watching the classics of Russian cinema — film “Irony of fate or With light steam!”. This painting is known to be associated with the upcoming new year. Daughter Irina became acquainted with the masterpiece of Eldar Ryazanov for the first time.

“It’s so great. Show doch classics! Tanusa first time watching “twist of fate”. Laughing in the voice … I’m in the thirties, and she’s in first!” — said Irina. The actress has published a rare joint self. On it the artist looks the same age as my daughter-teenager. Tatiana, by the way, at the same time very similar to mom and dad — Dmitri Orlov.

Recall that in 2011, she divorced with her husband. Heart Pegawai apparently newly occupied, but the name of the lucky actress has been kept secret. Recently, the Network spread the rumor that the actress is here-here again will be a married lady. Irina does not exclude that in the future the second time you try on the outfit of the bride, but to rush into an important decision she does not want. “Marriage is a serious matter. So as to want or not want. View on the circumstances. If I need, I will marry!” — said Irina.