Irina Pegova wants to get married

Ирина Пегова хочет выйти замуж The actress was the guest of the program “a Perfect repair”. Irina Pegova has frankly told about the creative and personal plans for the future. According to star, she doesn’t mind to try on a wedding dress but only if she so desires.
Ирина Пегова хочет выйти замуж

Irina Pegova very rarely shares details of his personal life. Fans of the stars do not know free her heart, after her divorce from Director Dmitry Orlov actress stopped giving interviews about the relationship.

However, for the sake of the program “a Perfect repair” a young woman made an exception. Answering the leading questions, she stated that, in principle, not opposed to marry.

“Marriage is a serious matter. So as to want or not want. View on the circumstances. If I need, will I marry” – Frank said Irina.

However Pegova no denying that now all her thoughts are of career. Actress takes part in several theatrical productions, and everywhere she got the main role. According to star, she is very lucky because she has the ability to do what you love, being demanded in the profession.

Free time she spends with her daughter Tatiana. She often puts a joint photo with the girl in Instagram, talks about its success. According to Begovoy, she has an excellent relationship with the heiress.

“When she was a little girl, we agreed that we will friends. Now everyone is telling each other, share. Very often spend time together, and when I filming in other cities helps my mother,” – said the actress.

Irina believes that a creative person should not be brought for show relationship, because it distracts from the ongoing career. The star is not interested in news from the world of show business, preferring to enjoy the achievements of your colleagues on the stage, not the circumstances of their personal life.

Ирина Пегова хочет выйти замуж“It is much nicer to see how idol plays on stage than to read something about his relationship. Often, details of personal life are unpleasant, and because of this, you’re just disappointed in the person”, – said the artist.

Repair made by professionals, led to the delight of the actress. She liked that the living room in her apartment was lighter, and all the furniture in the house was designed in the same classic style. Irina was afraid that she would have to portray the joy, but in her confession, positive emotions from what he saw, was genuine.