Irina Muromtseva taught their daughters to eat properly

Ирина Муромцева приучила своих дочек питаться правильно
The presenter told us about the necessary for children’s health products.

Ирина Муромцева приучила своих дочек питаться правильно

Irina Muromtseva

Photo: Elizabeth Karpushkina

In the Central city children’s library named after A.
P. Gaidar in the framework of the national project “Healthy food from A to
I” held a unique open lesson with participation of leading experts:
psychologist, a leading Russian expert in the field of development of emotional
intellect Victoria Shimansky and teacher-methodologist, Director of ANO CPI
“Trust” Natalia Chalaya.

In the game children and their parents,
talked about how mood and level of emotional intelligence development
depend on proper nutrition, how to properly build your diet
child and educate him a “healthy” autonomy of personal choice
the correct products. Special guest of the open lesson was the host of the program
“Good morning” on “the First channel” Irina Muromtseva.

“I believe that dairy products are simply necessary for a healthy diet, —
shared Irina. I have two children. And for growth and development
just need such products, particularly dairy such as cottage cheese and yogurt. Sasha
three years. And, of course, very important at this age to accustom to the yogurt
kefir, cottage cheese. Loves dairy products, and eldest daughter Lyuba. I really
liked the event, organized with the support of Danone. In a playful and accessible way
the children explained how proper nutrition positively affects their development.”

For anybody not a secret that the eating habits are formed in childhood and often
of all, remain unchanged throughout life. Despite the fact that
the conscious formation of preferences in certain foods
occurs in the period from 6 to 10 years, more than a third of Russian children
at this age to eat junk food. At the same time, proper nutrition
directly affects the success of the child, which serves as the basis of emotional
intelligence (EQ). Emotional intelligence is a person’s ability
to own their emotions and to think positively, set a goal and achieve it.

Victoria Shimanskaya, a psychologist and leading expert in the field of development
emotional intelligence, shared: “From that, love the child with
childhood yoghurts, fruit and vegetables or regularly indulge in junk food and
soda is not only physical health, but also such seemingly
fundamental things like a predisposition to a good school and further
a successful career, the opportunity to become the soul of the team or to build a strong,
happy family. Instilling in your children a love for healthy eating with more
primary school age, we are literally programming their successful and
happy life”.

In the final event, after the children participated in
various contests, eat delicious and healthy Danone products, all
young participants received certificates for active participation in the project.

Photo: Press service