Irina Muromtseva: “I had an accident when I was taking daughter to school”

Ирина Муромцева: «Я попала в аварию, когда везла дочку на занятия»
Host of “Good morning” on the First channel shares his automotive experiences.

Ирина Муромцева: «Я попала в аварию, когда везла дочку на занятия»

Irina Muromtseva

Photo: Yury Feklistov

“I will never agree that a woman behind the wheel — a character from anecdotes. There’s a young man put the car in the road and all it has to go around!” — outraged host of “Good morning” on the First channel Irina Muromtseva.

“For several years I wanted to drive. I even dream dreamed of how I’m going to be behind the wheel. In the end went to study”, — Irina admits. In many ways, the TV presenter decided to sit behind the wheel and little daughter. “A car is mobility and sense of independence. It would be strange for every day carry a child to school by taxi or ask someone to give us a lift”.

My first car — a small maneuverable Volkswagen Golf Plus, she bought in 2006. “That was my training machine, broken is broken. Then it hasn’t happened! But anyway, and in the first year while getting used to press on the right pedal and to turn his head as the Sparrow, on all sides, — hobbiesi machine all sides, “collect” all the curbs and fences. But I don’t regret that you chose a Volkswagen, it was comfortable to learn to ride, — Irina remembers. — By the way, I bought a car with automatic transmission, sometimes what I regret. In Europe, cars that you borrow, often with a manual transmission. Every time travel have to relearn how to drive.”

All their cars Muromtseva chose, not chasing trends. “Of course, it is important that the car I liked from an aesthetic point of view, but I never chose a car for “coolness”. After Volkswagen had BMW X3, which I thought most convenient. Indeed, over the seven years the car never failed. But then came the minor breakdowns, repairs, to do not like. And I decided to buy a car with a diesel engine, maybe less pumped, but more convenient and practical.” After going through many options, Irina stood on the Volvo XC60: diesel, large boot, comfortable cabin climate control. The car was comfortable to drive around town and for long trips. “It’s important for me to at least occasionally break away from the city. Thanks to the machine succeeds. I tend to visit the parents living in Bryansk. The path they look in small towns, visit temples, beautiful places where you can walk”.

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  • Ирина Муромцева: «Я попала в аварию, когда везла дочку на занятия»
    Irina Muromtseva

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