Ирина Муромцева призналась в жутких комплексах TV presenter for a long time was ashamed of his appearance. Irina Muromtseva cried a few days after unknown boys laughed at the size of her lips. Later she realized that it is not necessary to pay attention to the criticism of others.

Presenter of the First channel Irina Muromtseva tries to be very honest with their fans. She regularly sharing the reasoning in the microblog. Followers, in turn, are happy that they have the opportunity to learn more about the presenter. As it turned out, the young Irina was very worried because of their appearance. Despite the fact that many girls dream about plump lips, Muromtseva suffered from what has awarded its nature.

“I’ve never had complexes about growth was about the size of the lips. I even remember in the 10th grade, I begged my mom to find a doctor to do a surgical reduction. Then, as luck would have it, came the series “the Man who laughs”, and some guy on the bus called me Guinplen and neighing. I cried for three days. Today only everything seems to have stopped EN masse to lose weight, as there is a new terrible routines stretching legs. Beauty industry is a powerful thing, resisting it is difficult at any age. And to accept myself for who I am, you work hard,” admitted the TV presenter.

Fans were quick to support the celebrity and told such stories, when they were shy in childhood. However some had to turn to the experts to fix shortcomings.

“Almost everyone was systems. I was very thin! Legs as thin as matches, and me girls and boys laughed. And now I’m slim. They lose weight. I wish you all to live and be confident in yourself and in the future!”, “I have sticking out ears and a hump on the nose. As soon as I started working, earned plastic. All! The complexes disappeared”, “my childhood was complex, Oh, how I was embarrassed of my freckles! I have almost all of the body dry, they are light and just darken in the sun, but as a child I was so shy. By the age of 20-25 eyed, and then fell in love with even” subscribers, fans began to actively tell about their personal problemach with looks.

Followers never cease to be amazed that Irina has time to work, to devote time to family and children, and regularly delight fans of the reflections. Muromtsev she admits that she is very pleased to share their opinions and learn about other people’s views on various topics. “The main idea of my profile – female, even if she is a mother, even if she works, can catch a lot. And, most importantly, should not “score” on yourself and take the time to work with your own thoughts, feelings, appearance,” – says TV presenter.