Ирина Муравьева во второй раз стала бабушкой The famous actress happy with the appearance of a grandson. The younger son of Irina Muravyova Eugene Eidlin and his wife Veronica son was born. Now a new father for the family, ready to try his luck in the restaurant business.
Ирина Муравьева во второй раз стала бабушкой

The happy event occurred at the end of last year, the family of 34-year-old Eugene Eidlin, younger son of Irina Muravyova. His wife Veronica gave birth to first child.

“A young mother feels great, my son was born strong and healthy – says “StarHit” Dmitry, a friend of the couple. – Eugene is on the seventh heaven from happiness! Not moving away from the heir and the spouse, ever wondered how to help. A wonderful father”.

“Aunt Irina grandson have already seen, only it was kiss. Supported Veronica, always interested in her health – she’s to the last played in the theater. It’s nice when the family is such a loving mother-in-law!”

Eugene and Veronica together for more than two years. “It would seem that only recently buzzed at their wedding in Archangel, and they are already mom and dad – continues to Dmitry. Very happy for you guys! For the family, Jack plans to start a new business to open a restaurant.”

Apparently, now Eglin gained experience in the business, and therefore decided to make another attempt to become a restaurateur. Recall that in may 2017, it became known that the son of Irina Muravyova was forced to close the gastropub, which was located in the center of the capital. Despite the fact that “Red beard” was a success with visitors, the owner suddenly went out of business. New tenants of the building also opened a catering and did not radically change the menu, in fact, some loyal customers continued to dine in a familiar place. The son of Irina Muravyova lost restaurant business

“At the bar, something didn’t work out and he sold out, – told “StarHit” one of the former employees of cafe Elena Dementieva. – I worked there for a few months and quit at the end of 2016. My salary is still not paid. When they demanded money, the leadership was gone. And I’m not the only one. The lawyers did not apply, the amount is not so significant. Try not to get upset. About the “Beard” I still have only fond memories”.