Irina Muravyova refused to be naked on the set of “Moscow does not believe in tears”

Ирина Муравьева отказалась обнажаться на съемках «Москва слезам не верит» The actress went against the will of the Director Vladimir Menshov. Irina Muravyova recalled his favorite scene from the cult film in which her Faith Alentova and Raisa Ryazanov wanted to undress from the waist up. The only one of the Trinity, the artist protested to the last.
Ирина Муравьева отказалась обнажаться на съемках «Москва слезам не верит»

In February 1980, the year the Oscar-winning film “Moscow does not believe in tears” was first released on the big screen in our country. And since then, for nearly 40 years, the audience for this picture is not quenched. The third generation of Russians postpone everything and cling to the screens, barely seeing the first images of their favorite film. What the secret of such attractiveness of this tape, told the gathering in the Studio of the program “Tonight” actors and critics.

“Moscow does not believe in tears”: the ordeal in the life of actors of the cult film

Led the transfer of the Yulia Menshova. This topic is close to her and understandable, after all, created a picture of the two closest to her – her parents, film Director Vladimir Menshov, actress Vera Alentova. By the way, from the famous Trinity friends who came to conquer Moscow, the Studio was able to come only two – Vera Alentova and Raisa Ryazanova. Irina Muravyova, who played in the movie the flirt Lyudmila, did not come to the program. But agreed to give an interview about his work on the film. According to Irina Muravyova, the most difficult challenge for her was to be naked for one scene. The actress was afraid of shame and protested to the last.

Ирина Муравьева отказалась обнажаться на съемках «Москва слезам не верит»“I’m usually hard to read scripts, I never feel good or bad, – admitted Irina Muraveva. – And then I immediately realized that it was a masterpiece. Favorite scene in the film is when we are all forced to strip naked. Under the shower we had to wash clothes and to undress from the waist up. I yelled that I would not do this. Already the Belief of Heaven and stood and waited for me. It was the worst thing in my life! I did the Laundry – so, clenching his hands at his chest. Menchov spoke to me: “Put your hands down!” But the Lord God is in the light. In the film was marriage. So shame managed to avoid!”
Ирина Муравьева отказалась обнажаться на съемках «Москва слезам не верит»

Muravyov admitted that he disliked her character Ludmilla.

“When I saw the quality is awful, bad, provocative, in the bad sense of the word, so that’s – negligee with courage, – recalls the time Irina Vadimovna. I was looking at myself not as a movie character, but as herself and thought: what I nasty, terrible! I think success is a talent Menchov. He made such a simple story a masterpiece. The movie is his brainchild, he was the biggest inventor of all that happened on set”.
Ирина Муравьева отказалась обнажаться на съемках «Москва слезам не верит»

However, Vladimir Menshov corrected the actress, saying that she was not naked. And provisions came out, Samtavisi towel. The host of “Tonight” doubted that the scenes with Actresses Topless would get in a movie. Yulia Menshova has suggested that his cut would be censorship.

“Gone would be the nudity, – said Vladimir Menshov. – She’s in the film there is! I at all convinced that censorship works where something failed. And then start to correct, to say: well, why are there naked Breasts?”

By the way, the Studio raised the question of whether, in time, develop remake of cult movie. Guests expressed the view that the success of this project will not be because you need to follow some rather complicated conditions. One of them is to find the second of the same genius Director, Vladimir Menshov.