Irina Muravyova in style equipped apartment in the center of Moscow

Ирина Муравьева с шиком обустроила квартиру в центре Москвы The actress has designed the interior in a classic style. In the home of Irina Muravyova appeared the perfect family kitchen-living room. The designers used in the project a lot of manual work, from Wallpaper and floor tiles to painted by artists of the plates.
Ирина Муравьева с шиком обустроила квартиру в центре Москвы

Actress Irina Muravyov knows and loves the whole country. Millions of viewers remember her as a most charming and attractive.

Flat people’s artist is an old house in the center of Moscow, close to Kutuzovsky Prospekt. Home – Irina Muraveva with two adult sons, began repairs to it, but then realized that they couldn’t handle. Came to the aid program “a Perfect repair”. Irina Muraveva has admitted that he dreams of a spacious kitchen-living room where you can meet all of her big family.

“I want to as a child, was a big table in the middle of the tablecloth. We have a large family. Gather at least eleven people, and I would like cousins, second cousins to invite and to fit freely” – voiced their wishes leading program Natasha Barbier Irina Muraveva.
Ирина Муравьева с шиком обустроила квартиру в центре Москвы

Designers have proposed to arrange the room in a classic style that should appeal to and actress, and her sons.

On the floor laid the joists and two layers of plywood as a finish coating chose the flooring, and the kitchen – tile. Ceiling are sheathed gypsum. The walls are lined. In the project a lot of stucco. The highlight of the living room of steel Wallpaper, hand-painted. Previously, these could only be seen in palaces. Makes them Russian company founded by family of artists. Master directly go to the site to personally draw the details on the walls, with the lighting. On some of the Wallpaper is a personal signature of the author.

Another “tasty” piece – picture window. The designers decided to install such as from the apartment of Irina Muravyova, overlooking Moscow. This window is heated glass in the summer they reflect sunlight, giving the room very warm, and in winter attract and retain heat well. In the kitchen area and on the balcony there is a heated floor system.

For the kitchen the authors of the project chose the Belarusian furniture made of solid cherry wood. Its surface is processed, and any scratches are easily removed. This kitchen will last more than 35 years.

For textile design chose curtains shade creme brulee, tulle a – of fine Batiste. The living room has new doors solid oak color is “cognac”.

The final touch is a stylish steel handle with ceramic, they are made in the color of antique bronze. Living room sofa chose a classic English style. This model is already 300 years old, but she is still in demand. Another gift from the program for Irina Vadimovna – the concert piano. It was made in Germany in the first half of the twentieth century, and at the end of 2016, the Russian company spent its full restoration.

After the repair, kitchen-living room Irina Muravyova is completely transformed. This project used a lot of manual work, from Wallpaper and tiles, ending with the sofa. Even hand painted plates. The room was a real model of an ideal family kitchen and dining room. The actress work of the designers were satisfied.

“There was nothing here, and so a whole lot! gasped Irina Muraveva. – Very cozy. Anything superfluous, all is for man. And spacious. Like many other things, but I freely feel.”