Ирина Мирошниченко призналась, почему изменила мужу после 12 лет брака The actress, who has always drawn the attention of the opposite sex, been married three times. For 12 years she lived with the writer Mikhail Marquee. About the cause of the breakup Irina Miroshnichenko with the playwright was told in a documentary about the artist.
Ирина Мирошниченко призналась, почему изменила мужу после 12 лет брака

One of the most popular Actresses of the Soviet cinema was always open to his fans. Irina Miroshnichenko revealed the secrets of his personal life, shared secret and discussed its concerns. In one of the documentaries devoted to her person, the actress told about the reasons of parting with a beloved man.

With the first husband, the playwright Mikhail Marquee, Irina Miroshnichenko lived for 12 years. This marriage was for her the most durable. She met with the writer, even as a very young girl. Michael in due time thought through the tactics of courting seemingly unapproachable actress: instead of giving traditional gifts and bouquets of flowers began to take her to exhibitions, theatres, acquainted with the luminaries of the scene. It worked: the actress fell in love with her partner and replied, “Yes.”

“I was grateful to Michael, who contributed to my acting career. He knew that I cared about the scene and the world of theatre. He didn’t try to put me in a “Golden cage”, about his first wife, now dead, Irina says with a smile and gratitude.
Ирина Мирошниченко призналась, почему изменила мужу после 12 лет брака

Tents are constantly motivated Miroshnichenko to work on themselves, striving for perfection, so the life of the actress turned into an endless race and fight with obstacles. Perhaps this was the main reason for the separation of the spouses. And then there’s the celebrity met with Director Vytautas Zalakevicius on the set of the painting “This sweet word — freedom!”. Ironically, the fate of Vytautas, and Irina were married at the time, but the passion between them took up both left their families for each other. Tents did not make Irina scandalous scenes did not appeal to her conscience, just released. Marriage Miroshnichenko with the Baltic Director has not met the expectations of the actress: he did not last a year. Irina Petrovna was very hard to put up with the difficult loved one.

Irina Miroshnichenko is outraged conversations about her illness

“I aspired to independence — I achieved it. I sometimes very sad, I think it’s a mistake. But how well it depend on the person who close to you and on whom you can rely. So there are no ideal situations, at least in my life. Maybe this error is in me, in my character. But, nevertheless, it I got, this is my life” — said Miroshnichenko.
Ирина Мирошниченко призналась, почему изменила мужу после 12 лет брака

Today Irina Miroshnichenko loves to be in the thick of things, so maybe she’s running from loneliness, and, perhaps, is how she showed her love for life.

“She’s an educated intelligent man. It is a thinking person, it is unlikely she was bored, looking out the window and thinks: “what a pity that I have one.” Irina is an active person, loves people, loves to chat, knows how to communicate. It is always a joy for her and for those who communicate with it” — this is the opinion of Nikita Mikhalkov.

At the time of the beautiful actress tried to take care of Armen Dzhigarkhanyan. Somehow he wanted to invite Miroshnichenko for dinner, but that was sick after filming complex scenes. A romantic evening had to be cancelled. Today Armen Borisovich with love and respect talks about his colleagues in theatre and film.

“I love Irina Miroshnichenko. She is very good actress, she’s complicated. It has its own mystery which you may not notice and pass by. But, if you noticed, but there are good things,” admitted Armen Borisovich, when experiencing romantic feelings for the actress.

Soon the people’s artist of the RSFSR will be 76 years old. Despite its venerable age, beloved by many, the actress leads an active lifestyle: a lot of work at the Moscow art theatre, which initiated about half a century of his life, with great pleasure that attends social events. When Irina is left alone with itself, – it is sad. Miroshnichenko admits she is very sorry that has not given birth to children who would be loved, did not meet the reliable man who would understand her around and has become a reliable mainstay for life. Alas, time flew treacherously fast, and it was not possible to arrange personal life the way you want.