Irina Medvedeva told how he struggled with excess weight

Ирина Медведева рассказала, как боролась с лишним весом
To quickly lose 10 pounds, the actress had to come up with your diet.

Irina Medvedeva

Photo: from the private archive of Irina Medvedeva

Figure participating in the sketch show “6 frames” can only envy, but, as admitted Irina Medvedev, it was not always so.

the period when I two months I gained 10 pounds. It
happened in the fourth year, when I went to the shooting in Tuapse, and there is
delicious and nutritious food! And I very much recovered. Looking at pictures
at that time, you know, I was a butterball. But I didn’t notice, and
surrounding to behave carefully, no one even hinted. I passed
state examination in dance, wore short skirts, tight suits. Now look
the pictures and wonder how I came to wear those white tights, tight

Irina and lived in blissful ignorance until after graduation moved to Moscow. “In the “6
frames” I started acting being a girl with forms — smiling Medvedev. — And then looked at myself
the screen and realized that I need to lose weight urgently!”

To any experts Irina did not address, and invented the diet itself. “The diet was very simple, — said the actress. — I just cleaned
teeth at seven in the evening and then wouldn’t eat anymore! That’s the power of will! But before
seven hours in what does not deny. Like eating buns, so I ate. By the way, lost
very quickly.”

But now Medvedeva had to completely abandon white flour products. “The fact that I have found allergic to
the gluten contained in cereals. So I forgot about the dough, replacing
their rice or corn. And now I have many people say, “Oh, God, you’re so
have lost weight!”
By the way, I feel better, I became less tired, there
a lot of energy. But, I confess, to give up foods that contain
gluten is difficult. This psychological stress. All around eating cakes
cakes, khachapuri, lavash bread, which I adore, and you have to ban them…
Of course, sometimes I break…”

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