Irina Medvedeva lost a loved one

Ирина Медведева потеряла близкого человека The actress said that a few days ago was not her father. According to Medvedeva, she still could not believe he was dead. The fans supported the artist in a difficult situation and wished her strength.

Famous actress Irina Medvedeva told subscribers microblog about weight loss. On the eve of the star published a post in which he said that a little over two weeks ago her father died. May 21 the man would have turned 62 years. However, he was unable to overcome the disease. Cousin Irene was undergoing cancer treatment. The celebrity and her father were very close, so it’s hard to believe he’s gone.

“My life will never be the same. Never. Each ray of sunlight, the beauty of the sunset and the joy of travel — now bring me nothing but pain because you can’t see and will never see. Overestimate everything: what they failed to do for you, what is not said, what is not presented. A cruel sense of loss and return. Tears is nothing. If you like to know what vyplata them all, it will be easier, but no,” – shares his emotions Medvedev on the page in Instagram.

According to the artist, she wants to invent a cure of cancer, as they claim the lives of thousands of people annually. The woman believes that these tools would have saved her father.

“I can not understand – why till now I can not create a cure for cancer? Or maybe she already has and just the thirst for profit does not allow to save millions of lives. Why? I can’t understand. And I can’t accept the fact that you don’t. I can’t tell you how much I miss you you’re the kindest and the best daddy on Earth. And I know that no one is proud of me like you!” – says Irina.

Admirers of the actress trying to keep her in such a difficult situation. Netizens left her condolences on the personal page Medvedeva. “Irina, bright memory of your dad. I really understand you, she went through that pain with nothing to compare. It’s like the hand was removed, part of you is gone without return to nowhere”, “in loving memory”, “I’m really sorry” “He will always be with you,” wrote in the comments of the artist.

By the way, Medvedev always tries to spend his free time with his family. She admitted in love to friends in their posts. Despite the fact that the parents and her sister live in other countries, Irina is in regular contact with them.