Irina Lobacheva wants to give birth to skaters 16 years younger than her

Ирина Лобачева хочет родить от фигуриста на 16 лет младше нее Chosen athletes became Ivan Tretyakov. A young man trains children and adults in school, Irene. She Lobacheva admits that he feels happy being with a guy and thinks about creating family.
Ирина Лобачева хочет родить от фигуриста на 16 лет младше нее

Irina Lobacheva has plans to create a strong family, but many of her novels were unsuccessful. With Ilya Averbuch she lived about 16 years in marriage, but divorced, when he realized that the relationship has outlived its usefulness.

“All weekend I cried. Probably, cried a sea of tears. And early Monday morning went to court. I could tolerate, but when the Cup is full, the ruble once and for all. Ilya gave a summons directly to the training. We could have the house subpoena to give. But we do not live as couples, and as intelligent neighbors who have a child together”, – told the athlete.

Another novel Lobacheva with a celebrity, too, ended unsuccessfully. Relationship with actor Vladimir Marjanovi nor to no avail. Lobacheva was even ready to give birth to a movie star, but he chose to link their lives with the psychologist Ksenia BIK.

Now the figure skating stars new hobby. Irina is in a relationship with Ivan Tretyakov. The young man hails from Kirov. He is 16 years younger than the champion. Since four years the guy has been skating. Tretyakov now coaches children and adults. He works at the school Irina and gives private lessons. According to Lobacheva, they think about the child.

“Everything is in our hands. I think God is kind to me. All we’ll fold when the time comes,” said Irina.

Recall that for several years the skater has been plagued with failures on the personal front. In March of 2015 did not lover Irene, with whom she had a relationship for a year and a half. The man died from heart failure, going out of the door. Later, Lobacheva met with Chumakovym. They lived together in the apartment of the athlete. For unclear reasons, the 18th of December he decided to commit suicide. Alexander jumped from the bedroom window Lobacheva. Doctors were unable to save the man, and he died in intensive care.

“Why is it so? The idea that I was someone cursed, spinning in my head nagging fly,” said Lobacheva.

According to “Express newspaper” Irina even called Ivan Tretyakov husband, but no official confirmation that the wedding took place, on the part of a skater was not.