Irina Krug hard going through a crisis in marriage

Ирина Круг тяжело переживает кризис в браке The singer admitted that she doesn’t do well in relationships with her husband, businessman Serguei Beloussov. Irina Krug was extremely difficult again to build a family after the death of a beloved spouse. Nevertheless, the artist believes that they will be able to cope with problems.
Ирина Круг тяжело переживает кризис в браке

Singer Irina Krug came to visit Boris Korchevnikov. In the broadcast of “the Destiny of man”, the artist told about his difficult life path. 15 years ago killed the poet and the bard of Michael Circle. The attackers broke into the house to the man and attacked his family. From the received gunshot wounds Michael died the next day.

Ирина Круг тяжело переживает кризис в браке“It’s scary. God forbid, to experience someone that I’ve been through. I have always before the eyes of these people. Their eyes I will never forget – they were frightened. I at that time put the children to bed, wanted to go to the Mike and heard the knocks. Then it turned out that it was knocking the sofa when he was choking my mom. She covered his mouth said, “Piknesh – kill.” And then I went in and saw this picture. Misha was sleeping in the bedroom, he didn’t know what was happening, came to my cries. And they are already shot from above indiscriminately. There is a direct mash-up was… I thought I killed them all, and Mike, and children, and the mother,” said the woman.
Ирина Круг тяжело переживает кризис в браке

Native Michael didn’t think his life can suddenly end. The injured singer was able to move and talk. Relatives drove Round to the hospital, he underwent surgery. However, in the shootout was hit vital organs, and the man died.

“We know who did it, but can’t speak. Those who did, they are no longer alive. Not enough evidence to publish. They wanted to intimidate, did not think that would happen,” said the woman.

Irina was extremely difficult to come to terms with the sudden death of a spouse.

Ирина Круг тяжело переживает кризис в браке“I’ve learned to live again. This is scary years of my life, very scary. I often think of him. After Misha was difficult to build relationships and start a family, because this still try to find. In our time-much more…” – said the singer.

After some time she met with businessman Sergei Belousov. The couple met in Tver in the Barber shop. Many have tried to take care of a striking woman, but only Belousov managed to achieve from it reciprocity. Sergey and Irina liked to communicate with each other – they began to spend a lot of time together, and in 2006 got married.

During the conversation with Koschevnikovi Circle admitted that they began to experience difficulties in relations with the chosen one.

“We with Sergey 13 years together. It’s a complicated story, this is not to say that we have some good… Now we have a crisis in the relationship. Whether to keep this marriage, I don’t know. But it was also such a history, he was younger than me, I was hesitant, joking, – said Irina. – We have a difficult period, and I’m sad.”

According to the artist, it has always been a family man. Common son, Andrew, who was born in September 2014, was a wanted child. Irina shared her assumptions about the reasons why she broken relationship with her husband.

“Maybe the reason is that we are 13 years together. All he can do, he does for me. But his life, it it and my it my. We are different. Although it is a very well read man, he reads a lot. I don’t know why we have so many years together. He made a lot of mistakes, I forgave him almost all of his… Maybe he’s young. Maybe we’re all gonna work it out” – says the singer.