Ирина Круг собрала 13 миллионов букетов My story of the singer, who never dreamed of a solo career. About the life of Irina Circle it is possible to remove series and feature and documentary investigation. The main role of anyone to look not need – slender beauty endowed with charisma, acting talent and beautiful voice.

      Ирина Круг собрала 13 миллионов букетов

      Singer Irina became after the death of her second husband… 14 years ago the murder of Mikhail Krug discussed. Fans of the famous singer was set. Of course, sympathized with the young widow Irina gave to Michael son, who never managed to remember his father. On the day when their house burst in and fatally shot Circle, little Alexander was barely a month and a half, and from the sounds of the shots he didn’t even Wake up. Didn’t understand then baby, that after the tragedy they were left without money and help. The crowd of friends of the singer somewhere subsided, the last CD remained unfinished. Sasha smiled at the little sister, Marina, who nursed him, not even realizing how hard his mother felt.

      – You know, Joseph Kobzon was the first to intervene in your destiny…

      – Yes, Andrei, I just didn’t know what to do. Got there, sat in my office and cried. And Joseph Davydovich told me about show business and all time repeated: “do you Need in there girl, think”. He is fatherly to me, authentically told, and about good and about bad sides. Explained how I could make it through, was trying to protect me, to open my eyes, because absolutely no idea where I was going.

      Ирина Круг собрала 13 миллионов букетов

      Irina first song recorded in August, a month after the death of her husband. Have not used the repertoire of Michael Circle, went his own way and always felt that he was close.

      – Mike protects me. When I go on stage, always read prayers, and then turn to him: “Mikhail Vladimirovich, help, that all was well.” Would have liked him that I speak? I do not know. After all, if he stayed alive, I would not sing ever. Because it was necessary to deal with the house, family, children.

      They met in a Chelyabinsk restaurant. Irina after a hard divorce from her husband-a drug addict in poverty with her daughter Marina, and my mother’s friend suggested that she apply for a job.

      – One day our Director asked us: you’re, like, the good, responsible, go take care of Michael’s Lap, he waits. Just remember – no onions and garlic, and for strong language it in a pocket will not climb. I, upset, because another 60 tables on me, walked into the office, where sat all of his staff. Very embarrassed – such a famous person! After dinner, the Circle gave me a long look and says, “Come to me”. I think some strange, probably mocking me, joking.

      Ирина Круг собрала 13 миллионов букетов

      After that, Mikhail Krug was a frequent visitor to the restaurant, turning solely on you, pleaded the girl.

      – In the team no one understood me: are you crazy, it’s a Circle! But I said no. All was solved when we came to Katya Ogonek. The Director had told her: see, that’s abnormal, Circle calling, and she doesn’t want to leave. Katya stood in front of me at the bar: “If Mike said he will take”.

      Two years of marriage were some of the happiest and Irina and Mikhail. His mother and sister, on which she rewrote the building (“could not after his death to be there”), is friends still. Today Irina Krug the winner of the award “the Chanson of year”. Has released nine solo and six Duo albums. Went in third time married and gave birth to another son, Andrei.

      Husband took Irina a Round of the hospital with luxury limousine

      Ирина Круг собрала 13 миллионов букетов

      – For queries on the Internet you are ahead of Grigory Leps and Stas Mikhailov.

      – I didn’t know Andrew.

      – Well, then, that your song “Bouquet of roses” more than 13 million views on YouTube?

      – Wow, such popularity! And that’s why I’m not watching. The only thing I see in the hall more and more people pleasant.

      By the way, fans of Michael Circle now and have become fans of Irina. They always come to her concerts.

      Ирина Круг собрала 13 миллионов букетов
      Ирина Круг собрала 13 миллионов букетов

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