Ирина Хакамада увлеклась танцами с бизнесменом The man paid for a year of classes, rock-n-roll with a politician. According to Khakamada, her dancing captured the imagination of the entrepreneur on one of the social events. Irina gladly accepted the offer to go to special courses where she could be distracted, and to help another person.

      Ирина Хакамада увлеклась танцами с бизнесменом

      Many celebrities are looking for different ways to escape from the routine and plunge into a new world, which at the time would deliver them from their worries. Not an exception and Irina Khakamada.

      Dancing for a politician – not just a hobby, but a state of mind. Recently Khakamada finished one-year course rock-n-roll, and the lessons she went not with her husband, Vladimir Sirotinsky… As it turned out, the woman was another satellite, which before no one’s heard anything.

      “I love to dance, can do this one − says “StarHit” Irina. And the some party my dance captured the imagination of one man, a Moscow businessman. He approached me and met and proposed to join him in the classroom. Paid personal trainers in the Studio. Almost a year went out with him twice a week − a few hours doing PA. Now scattered.

      I must say, the celebrity heiress, 19-year-old Maria shares the passion for moms. The girl loves to dance, and regularly demonstrates this in his microblog itself Khakamada. In order to cheer yourself up, Masha does not have to go on the dance floor – the daughter of a female politician copes with this in a home environment.

      “Masha Played in two theaters, draws, is seriously engaged in swimming, – told the “StarHit” Khakamada. – This year was even in a specialized camp, went to sea”.

      Irina Khakamada now spends his time writing friend artist Alla Reshetnikova, which recently hosted the exhibition “private Museum” in the Russian Academy of arts, as a curator discusses the exhibition of Irina in the framework of the project “Celebrity Art”. “I was fascinated when I reached the handle and knew it was time to escape from work, − Irina continues. – Hired teacher, year learning to write the characters. Alla helped me to put some of the work. Write for yourself or for charity.

      Home Khakamada many pictures they fit in with the American loft on the ground floor and neo-colonial on the second. “There are Shemyakin, there is Khamdamov. But one of my favorite works were purchased in Vietnam for 2000 euros, – says Irina. – It’s all red and if you look closely, you see two monks in red leaves in the distance. They’re barely visible. And nearby hangs a picture of Alla Reshetnikova. Too red. Very love her.”

      Earlier in an interview with “StarHit” Irina Khakamada has explained why she has so many Hobbies and how positively it affects her family life. According to the politician, it is the presence of various Hobbies and private Affairs, allow you to feel more confident in any relationship. Irina Khakamada: “the Anniversary is perceived with disgust!”

      “If you have your own world, your Hobbies, friends and you love your man, but he does not absorb your entire life and you are not serving him as God, then you can easily go on compromise, was recognized Iryna. But if you disappeared into the man can not see life without him, you don’t have your business, your implementation, your friends, you start to torment him. The torment of jealousy, demanding to entertain you, you start to pursue him, and immediately all the compromises disappear. A compromise is possible only between equal partners.

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