Ирина Хакамада рассказала о борьбе с раком у «особенной» дочери Policies and shared stories about the difficult period in her life. Irina Khakamada has not abandoned the fight for the presidency, despite the child’s illness. Eumenia to combine career and family gave strength to Mary.
Ирина Хакамада рассказала о борьбе с раком у «особенной» дочери

Irina Khakamada gave birth to a daughter Mary in marriage to fourth husband Vladimir Sirotinsky. That the girl was diagnosed with down syndrome, she learned more during pregnancy. Politician and public figure were afraid to talk about the characteristics of their child, because they were afraid that the public will be cruel to the baby. However, after a time, she decided to take the girl to various activities to present it to the public.

“I realized that Mary loves the stage, she dances well, plays in the theater. Wildly sociable, well-spoken, beautiful. What is it to hide? Let the girl baldeet, she’s a woman,” explained Khakamada.

Irina told me that her family had to overcome quite a difficult period in life. In 2004, she ran for the presidency. At the same time it became known that Masha was diagnosed with cancer. Khakamada could not leave his political career. She was glad that her husband fully supported her desire to be realized in the work.

“The husband said, “If you don’t do what you like, it would not be crazy energy, we will not be pulling. Better go to the presidential campaign, we will help,” recalled Irina in the program “Let them talk”.
Ирина Хакамада рассказала о борьбе с раком у «особенной» дочери

The woman was easy – the night she came to the hospital, and the day was minding my own business. Khakamada admitted that at the end of the campaign my daughter has been in remission.

Irina believes that children with down syndrome have to interact with their peers and study in regular schools. She knew that Mary not to avoid ridicule. After the girl gave a decisive rebuff to the offenders, no one dared to offend her.

Almost three years ago, the daughter Khakamada fell in love with a young man – athlete Vlad. They met in the theater and immediately realized that meant to be together by fate. Now Masha and Vlad dream about the wedding. Their parents are happy about these affinities, but I think that children are not yet ready for family life. The mother of a young man Marina intends to teach his son to lead the life and to dispose of the budget. Khakamada believes that it is enough that Masha and Vlad travel together, spend time, they have shared Hobbies and friends.“Special” daughter Irina Hakamada is preparing for the wedding