Ирина Хакамада: измены мужей, рак «особенной» дочери и карьера в политике Social activist was the guest of the program “the Destiny of man” with the YouTube Korchevnikov on the TV channel “Russia 1”. Irina frankly told about how she broke up with the ex-spouses, fought for the life of the youngest daughter and for some reason decided to go into business and then into politics.
Ирина Хакамада: измены мужей, рак «особенной» дочери и карьера в политике

Irina Khakamada is one of the most famous women in Russia. Today, the public figure was very frankly told about their favorite men, disease daughter Mary and why he decided to leave the science for the sake of business and then went into politics.

Khakamada admitted that she had a difficult childhood: because of her exotic appearance with a future star, none of the peers didn’t want to be friends. Irina had not informed parents about school bullying and the razzing at camp.

“I was called chink, kitazoe. Insulted and in the camp, said: “Get out of here, we don’t sleep with Asians”. Reply I could not, was beaten creature was just lying and wanted it to be over”, – said Irina.
Ирина Хакамада: измены мужей, рак «особенной» дочери и карьера в политике

According to Khakamada, she soon realized that her by any means necessary to establish a connection with the outside world. Then she decided to get married for a guy who studied with her in the same Institute.

“Valera beautifully cared for, loved. He treated me gently, and until now, these relationships remained. Every time I meet him at the bottom of the birth of our son, you see that look… the eyes of a man who continues to love,” – said Irina.

In the marriage at Khakamada born son Daniel. Celebrity told me that he lived with her first husband five years, but soon she met new lover. In her confession, she fell in love with a young Professor Sergei Nezlobin.

Ирина Хакамада: измены мужей, рак «особенной» дочери и карьера в политике“With brilliant brains, with a brilliant thesis… I fell in love with him and his intelligence. Valera found out by accident, it happened,” recalled Khakamada.

Sergey decided to Irina to the house where her husband waited. In the courtyard of the opponents faced, and then Valery did wife put the ultimatum: either he or a lover. Khakamada has chosen the second.

Soon Irina and Sergei were married. Together, they were passionate about science, raising two children (Nezlobin was a child from his first marriage). As admitted Khakamada, it was hard for her to establish a life, to make friends sons, on top of that the second husband was seriously ill mother. Moreover, the new chosen celebrity has regularly been unfaithful to her. The woman admitted that in revenge the wrong husband decided to also have a lover: a colleague from the Institute volunteered to introduce her to unmarried men.

Ирина Хакамада: измены мужей, рак «особенной» дочери и карьера в политике“They then said, “what is this schmuck? What have you brought?!” And I was such a mouse, tortured by intelligence. But they said: “something painfully straight backs, holds, as a Queen”, – said Irina.

Words failed lovers hurt Khakamada. At this time, because of lack of money Irina decides to do their own thing and leaves the Institute, where she tipped the post of rector. First businesswoman together with her friends is trying to establish a confectionery, then begins to sell costly and “deficient” in those days goods.

“A new life started, a new time… Everything is broken, and I’m enjoying it. I was gone,” said the celebrity. Irina began to rotate in the new community. Where he met her third husband Dmitry. The man didn’t want to register the relationship. In recognition of Hakamada, he was comfortable around her.

“We lived in a civil marriage. Everything was difficult, but wildly entertaining. He was also a womanizer, a terrible. Then I realized that all the cool men – a womanizer,” – said Khakamada.
Ирина Хакамада: измены мужей, рак «особенной» дочери и карьера в политике

The case of Irina in the business was good, but she decided to take a new height. Khakamada engaged in politics. In her confession, crime bosses have allocated her a large sum of money to the campaign. Relationship with her husband, meanwhile, had begun to deteriorate rapidly.

“Scattered all. I’m tired of this Union. He created a marriage where everyone is happy and no soul. We did not celebrate any one holiday, we spent five years together, and what they lived? I decided I should leave. For him it was a surprise,” said Irina.

Soon Khakamada was in love again. This time her choice was a financial Advisor Vladimir sirotinskiy. Khakamada did not hide from Dmitry new novel, she informed the ex-lover that she was pregnant by another man. With it Irina happy and to this day, although it is recognized that Vladimir her periodically change with other women.

And Irina has told about the secret. During pregnancy, she learned that the baby from the man she loved would be born with down syndrome. Khakamada together with her fourth husband began to study the medical literature on this topic. Soon the couple had a daughter, Maria.

Ирина Хакамада: измены мужей, рак «особенной» дочери и карьера в политике“These children are your consciousness. They are not very good with abstract thinking, but they is no negativity at all. They are really “solar” children. If Mary ask, “How are you doing?” She always responds, “Fine, fine!” – said Irina.
Ирина Хакамада: измены мужей, рак «особенной» дочери и карьера в политике

Soon the family Khakamada was waiting for a new shot. She began to take positions in politics, and his beloved daughter fell ill with cancer in five years.

“We lost. Masha is a scary diagnosis. We are being evicted from the house which I was given for the time already put all the suitcases… And it’s all disassembled, Masha in the hospital. I lie no in the morning: ran to the monasteries,” said Irina.

Vladimir decided to support the spouse. He recommended Irina to stand as a candidate in the presidential election, knowing that even if she doesn’t win, I will still rise in the public eye and earn a good status in the political arena. “I started all of this. One campaign to cure his daughter, and the other presidential. At night we took turns sitting in the hospital,” said Khakamada.

15 Mar 2004 the girl was a first remission. Irina said that this day was over and her political campaign, and soon the child’s illness finally caved.

Today Maria Sirotino – a successful model. The girl has a boyfriend Vlad Sitdikov. Friends and acquaintances of the family are known to support “special” couple and I admire their activity and love of life.