Irina Khakamada shared spectacular the Jacuzzi

Ирина Хакамада поделилась эффектным снимком в джакузи A popular writer is having fun in Pyatigorsk. Irina Khakamada has published in Instagram photo with one which depicted the lying in the Jacuzzi. You can see how the woman enjoys the rest.

A well-known politician Irina Khakamada usually happy subscribers microblog personnel with travel and business meetings. But to the surprise of many followers brunette put the made in the moment when she relaxed in the hot tub. The fusion Irina wearing black swimsuit that accentuates her shape. And the deep neckline makes the photo even more spicy. Interestingly, a small pool was located on the hill. Behind her you can see the whole city: the roofs of buildings, trees, mountains.

Khakamada did not share the details of your stay in the region and the emotions of useful leisure, and simply signed: “Pyatigorsk”. But that hasn’t stopped fans of the writer, and they hastened to leave enthusiastic comments about idol. Users of the social network stressed that they did not expect to see such conditions for the rest.

“I never would have thought that there is so soulful!”, “What a beauty!”, “Class”, “Wow! And such there?”, “And let the whole world wait!”, “Gorgeous,” “Beautiful! Lepota!”, “Mmmm, mineral water”, “Amazing! Yes, and Pyatigorsk. Who would have thought”, “where is there so you can relax? Or is it private?”, “Lyapota! Irina, only now you remembered,” wrote subscribers “Instagram” Khakamada.

According to radio host, she’s pretty lazy in everyday life and at home love the passive leisure: watching TV, reading books, lying on the couch. Despite this, she devotes her physical form special attention. Irina not only visits the gym, but also eats right. In an exclusive interview with “StarHit” the woman told me that even in the restaurant is offended not high-calorie dishes – she prefers a glass of white wine and protein and dessert.

Irina Khakamada: “the Anniversary is perceived with disgust!”

“I hate diet, but do not eat after seven hours, only a snack. Do sports for half an hour: an hour of very strong Pilates with a personal trainer and a 30 minute walk on the track in the headphones with crisp music. And, of course, I do massages. This is very important – once a week Thai massage. That’s all. Body I please, but do everything without fanaticism, the most important is the food,” shared Khakamada.