Ирина Хакамада впала в истерику от слов больной дочери Writer and business coach remembered when her heir was fighting cancer. The doctors diagnosed Mary Sirotinskiy serious illness for more than ten ice ago. The successor of Irina Khakamada managed to recover and now is preparing for her wedding with her lover Vlad by Sitdikova.
Ирина Хакамада впала в истерику от слов больной дочери

Recently Irina Khakamada gave a Frank interview YouTube-channel “And talk?”, in which talked about her tattoos, relationship with daughter Maria Sirotinsky, and also shared her views on family life.

Leading asked business coach and publicist, when she last cried. Irina Khakamada admitted that he allowed himself to Express strong emotions during the illness of his daughter. In 2004, Mary Sirotinskiy was diagnosed with cancer. Fortunately, the heiress Khakamada managed to overcome a serious illness.

Irina Khakamada told about cancer “special” daughter

“It is clear that at first I resisted because I knew the people. And then, too, I’m not crying. And then coincidentally, you know how it is. I brought the baby in, and they took tests and said, “100% of cancer cells”. And I also restrained, internally I prepared everything and got ready, we fight, – says the woman. – But daughter was very small. And when we came into the room she was sitting on the bed, pale and with long hair like an angel. And since we often traveled together, she said, “Mom, it’s time for me to heaven”. And well, I already ruled themselves, I became hysterical”.
Ирина Хакамада впала в истерику от слов больной дочери

Later it turned out that Mary wanted to get well and to travel by plane. But then the star was shocked by her daughter’s words. “Imagine that you get a diagnosis and then the child is said. You are bombarded by all metaphysics, all the irrational, that there is in this world, and you just can’t take it. And then, I came to himself,” – said Khakamada.

In a difficult situation Khakamada supported choice – financial Advisor Vladimir sirotinskiy. The man was the fourth spouse of a business coach. However, the woman prefers to call their relationship a marriage. Khakamada believes Sirotinskiy partner.

“We have a Pact of non-aggression and co-existence, because we are wildly interested in each other, and freedom. Partnering – explains the publicist. We too are adults. We are not interested to be with one person, it is annoying. That’s all. We agreed on the third year of the fellowship.”

In conversation with leading YouTube channel we are talking about modern music. Irina Khakamada enjoys the creativity of Oxymoron was on his big solo concert in SC “Olympic”.

“This is my love, really. I listen to his lyrics, he’s a thinker, a philosopher, and I really like the books he reads. “Hero with a thousand faces” – cool book, good for him, an intellectual, breaks down the genre, lays the very complex meaning,” he shared a publicist.

Another renowned rapper Glory of the CPSU writer prefers to speak more discreetly. Irina has made it clear that the song “Khakamada”, dedicated to her, was good. “He honors me with his provocative language,” said the woman. On the question of how would she communicate with him more closely, you dream about the lyrical character of the composition, Khakamada replied evasively. “I do not like the Communists,” said business coach, laughing.