Irina Khakamada has approved the marriage of his daughter

Ирина Хакамада одобрила свадьбу дочери Social activist spoke about the programs with the participation of Mary Sirotinskiy. On one of the popular talk show heiress Irina Khakamada and Vlad Sitdikov announced that they plan to get married.
Ирина Хакамада одобрила свадьбу дочери

In mid-August, the daughter of Irina Khakamada, Maria Sirotino and her partner Vlad Sitdikov were the guests of the program “Men and women”. On a talk show the young people talked about the fact that preparing for a marriage ceremony, and a lover of the heiress of the a public figure is asked a leading Alexander Gordon to be his matchmaker. Until recently, Irina Khakamada has chosen not to speak about important events in the life of Mary, however, recently the social activist for the first time commented on the news.

“Special” daughter Irina Hakamada is preparing for the wedding

In the framework of the event “Moscow dialogues” held in one of the capital’s hotels, star politicians have a talk with the moderator of the evening Nikolay Uskov and spoke on personal topics. In recognition of Irina, the daughter did not tell her about the air on the Federal channel. Anyway, the woman believes that Mary is an adult, able to act as it sees fit. Khakamada also made it clear that it is not opposed to the wedding heiress.

“Mary has grown up, meets a young man. They love carrots. They without me went on the First channel in the program Gordon and said about their wedding. Yes, health! They are adults. Don’t have that right? Have. And these programs can help other people, parents of such children. I don’t know how this will end, so pauses. People with down syndrome fantasy and reality exist together, there are almost no boundaries, so it is unclear when they have a game, and when it’s real. They are wizards. Therefore, they are not evil,” explained Irina.
Ирина Хакамада одобрила свадьбу дочери

Khakamada also admitted that the daughter that was diagnosed with down syndrome, had taught her a lot. The woman refused heiress and did everything possible to up a harmoniously developed personality.

“Thanks Masha, I realized two simple things: you need to be happy with what you have, and to remove their stupid ambitions. Now I get excited over everything. The fact that she is happy that she has a boy and together they went to rest. I always wanted Masha led the life of a normal person, and very happy with that. I learned to be a little “rain man” like a daughter”, – said Khakamada.

According to the star policy, the daughter writes to her every day. Irina encouraging words of support from her mother. “You’re the dearest, best mother in the world” – quoted Khakamada one of the messages of the girl. According to the women, to enjoy every moment of life “is a great lesson,” writes Finparty.