Irina Khakamada brought out daughter and her fiancé: photo

Ирина Хакамада вывела в свет дочку и ее жениха: фото

19-year-old Masha flashed at the premiere of the musical “Tanz der vampire”.

Irina and her daughter Mary are frequent visitors to the theater Premier. And more recently mother and daughter have appeared together, but in the company of the groom Mary.

As you know, the heiress Irene just loves the theater, and not only as a spectator. In the spring of this year, Hakamada shared with subscribers of the good news: her little girl became an actress!

“Mary in the role of Cinderella. Theatre where she is starring,” wrote Irina in social networks.

Mother is proud of every achievement my daughter, including the fact that Mary is not alone.

The name of the mysterious man who is not the first time accompanied by 19-year-old Masha, Khakamada does not seek to disclose, but, apparently, very happy for her daughter and fully endorses her choice. The very same Mary glowed with happiness next to a young man and didn’t hesitate to pose for the photographers.

We will remind that the girl was born with down syndrome. And in 2003, she was diagnosed with leukemia of the blood. Three years was the treatment and the cancer was gone.

Irina has long concealed and protected the daughter from the public. But the most difficult period for both left behind.

Now Mary, like any other young girl, lives life to the fullest.