Irina Gorbachev spoke about children’s complexes and acquaintance with her husband

Ирина Горбачева рассказала о детских комплексах и знакомстве с мужем
The actress became a member of the project “Heroine of our time.”on the TV channel “Home”.

Ирина Горбачева рассказала о детских комплексах и знакомстве с мужем

Irina Gorbacheva

Photo: Home

Instagram star and actress of the theater “Workshop of Peter
Fomenko” Irina Gorbachev called “the girl with a dozen of persons” and phrase it
characters from the skit on social networks instantly dismantled for quote. It
fulfilled the dream of millions of people — from a simple girl turned into a real
star. But what is the secret of its success is the outstanding talent or happy
coincidence? And what is it actually? In the documentary project “Heroine
our time” Irina Gorbachev will talk about his childhood, the popularity and

Irina Gorbacheva

Photo: Home

About inspiration: “Friends often ask me: “What
do you have in mind? Where do you get ideas?” I never write texts in advance:
just plug in the camera, and it comes naturally”.

About the looks: “the Habit of slouching is produced by me for years (laughs).
For a long time I was ashamed of my growth, as was the tallest girl in
class. Only 23-24 years my height was like me, and I finally started
straighten shoulders”.

On childhood: “I had a real childhood: we used to climb in restricted areas,
rode the cranes eat snails, stealing apricots. But when it became quite
“hungry” and home did not want to go, we were saved by acacia”.

About her husband: “We met him through the TV. One day, sitting
house from a friend of the Director, I saw him in the movie “the Fog” and thought, “Wow!”
It was a revelation to me. First, he was handsome, secondly, curious
as an artist. I haven’t had this before, one of the Russian actors
I’m interested in”.

About popularity: “When you open the world, you should be protected. And
protects your irony and sense of humor.”

About the beauty: “In everyday life I don’t wear make-up, because in the theatre and so
your face is subjected to constant tortures. Like all girls, I can only cheekbones
to stress, dark circles under the eyes to gloss over, to make up the eyelashes, the eyebrows form
to give and off we go…”.

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