Irina Dubtsova with his family moved out of the country because of illness

Ирина Дубцова уехала с семьей из страны из-за болезни
Elena Malysheva has promised to help the singer with the treatment.

Ирина Дубцова уехала с семьей из страны из-за болезни

The onset of spring for someone is a joyful and long-awaited event, and someone dreams of this time of the year did not exist. Talking about allergies, which are particularly hard to survive the beginning of spring. Irina Dubtsova — allergies “experienced”. For many years, in April, the artist runs for a month from Russia, which at that time begins flowering trees. Recently, she and her family went to the Maldives, where they will spend at least another three weeks.

For Irina spring trip to the island is becoming an annual tradition. There it is guaranteed not to pursue Allergy attacks, which by the way was cancelled the upcoming concert on may 18 in Moscow. “The concert falls on the active “dusting” of trees. I can’t be in Moscow at this time!” says disease has died.

The most offensive that the son of Irina Artem allergies inherited. So he also have a month to spend away from friends and schools. In school, though he has no break. At the time, “therapeutic” vacation Artem studying remotely and passes all the tests and follow along with classmates.

By the way, recently the 36-year-old Irina took part in the program Helen malyshevoy “Live healthy”, which discussed modern methods of dealing with allergies. Dubtsova promised to find the right treatment, but it turned out not nourish much hope on the search for a cure. “Promised to cure, but I do not believe, — Irina admits. Our friends have gone through similar treatment, they did not help! Prefer to depart on time “dusting”!