Irina Dubtsova was first told about the tyranny of the ex-spouse

Ирина Дубцова впервые рассказала о тирании экс-супруга
Recently, well-known singer and songwriter Irina Dubtsova talked to reporters and openly answered their questions.

Ирина Дубцова впервые рассказала о тирании экс-супруга

The singer decided to confess to the complexes and that the husband is constantly humiliated her. According to Irina, she never had a complex because of her looks, just wish the chest size were larger.

Ирина Дубцова впервые рассказала о тирании экс-супруга

“I was hoping for a miracle, but it did not happen. Yes, and ex-husband tyrannized me: “come on Slim, you’re fat, do something!” I drank only water, ate nothing all day long – the weight remained in place. Then it turned out that I have high prolactin hormone responsible for milk production, but at the same time keeps the weight of a young mother on the spot, or give it to lose weight.

Once the hormones settled down, 12 extra pounds rapidly went, and the issue was closed. But since the chest never grew up, I went and increased it to the third dimension. And the problem that plagued me for many years, was removed,” said Dubtsova.

Recall that Irina was married and had a son from her ex-husband Roman Chernitsyna, the soloist of group Plazma.

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