Ирина Дубцова рассказала о неудачных отношениях The singer shared the story in the new clip. Irina Dubrova not afraid to try on a bold shocking images. The artist decided to mock arrogant and unlucky men.

      Ирина Дубцова рассказала о неудачных отношениях

      Irina Dubtsova at my new job, allowed myself to fantasize on the theme of love and relationships. In her new video are the boyfriend who did not meet her feminine expectations.

      Events that are shown in a new video work, presented with humor. The creators of the clip sought to convey a look the very modern, independent girl, which is not to everyone’s teeth. She’s not laughing at her man, on some arrogant Prince who in the end was merely unlucky boyfriend.

      “I received incredible pleasure from filming. Director Alexander Filatovich and a large team of decorators, stylists, did a great job to translate my crazy ideas and so it is full of bright energy, – says Irina Dubtsova. Clip – “Boyfriend” – this is another story of broken love where I am, how strong and independent girl, I can only laugh at me unworthy of a boyfriend. I liked to try on a variety of shocking images that I showed on the backdrop of striking scenery.”

      The shooting lasted for 20 hours in 30 degree heat in Moscow, but that didn’t stop the team-it’s time to remove the real story about the breakup.

      “In my opinion, the clip will be very colorful, positive and dynamic, – says Director Alexander Filatovich. Irina will appear in a new interesting and unusual images. If I may say so, our clip is a firework of colors and emotions, is a flash of positivity and energy that pours from the screens. We assume that the viewer will be pleased with what he saw, a great team of professionals worked on this effort.”

      Interestingly, Irina decided to move away from his usual themes that are completely different from other works of the artist. This clip is filled with bright decorations and no less vivid, shocking images, each of which has its character from the glamorous diva to the modern and independent girls. Sweet attributes, for example, the marshmallow bath, which took the artist will raise the blood sugar even the most sophisticated audience.

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