Ирина Дубцова провела каникулы с украинским футболистом The couple stayed at one of the luxury hotels. Irina Dubtsova and Aderinsola Habib Esiola chose for a romantic trip to Turkey. The singer and athlete are having a great time together.
Ирина Дубцова провела каникулы с украинским футболистом

Last week, the singer Irina Dubtsova went to celebrate his 36th anniversary as part-time, and Valentine’s Day, warm Turkey. In social networks it is shared snapshots from vacation, intrigued fans present to them a stranger. Is the heart of the artist again is not free?

As has found out “StarHit”, birthday Dubtsova celebrated in the company of 26-year-old Ukrainian player Aderinsola Habib Esealy. The unusual name he inherited from his father, a Nigerian. The athlete flew to Turkey to the training camp at the end of January: the beginning of the year he was in favor of Kazakhstan club.

Singer settled in one of the best five star hotels of Belek Regnum Carya Golf & Spa Resort – overlooking the Mediterranean sea. The cost of a night it is about 18 thousand rubles. The hotel has a SPA, Golf course, tennis courts, swimming pools, water Park. Irina and Aderinsola seen together walking on the seaside.

“It was evident that they have fun, Irina laughed at the jokes young man, they were fooling, – said the “StarHit” eyewitnesses holiday celebrities. – Take a lot of selfies, a guy photographed it against the background of sea and palm trees. In the evening the couple dined in the restaurant.”

At the end of 2016 Irina tied a relationship with one of her dancers ballet Alexander the Board of Directors. “Together we go on tour, combining the pleasant with the useful. Last week, for example, spent a few days in Turkey, not only worked but also managed to sunbathe, – said at the time, friends of the couple. – In Moscow Mylnikov often stays in a country house Dubtsova, made friends with the son of Ira from the first marriage of Artem. As a family, they even held one of the popular quests, which was supposed to get out of “jail.” Ira affectionately calls Sasha “dragon”.

However, this novel was short – already in the summer of the following year, Irina told “StarHit” that her heart is free. She wanted to meet the man of her dreams, and wants that the family has a little sister. Son of Irina Dubtsova: “I Want mom gave birth to my sister!”